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Xbox Series X|S Early Impressions Megathread

Content of the article: "Xbox Series X|S Early Impressions Megathread"

Xbox Series X|S + Playstation 5 Megathread Hub can be found here.

Xbox Series X|S

Release Date: November 10


Region Series X Series S
USA $499 $299
UK £449 £249
Australia $749AU $499AU
Canada $599.99 $379.99

Additional Regional prices can be found in this thread. Credit to /u/Be1con


  • Orders are arriving and shipping now. Some delays have been reported.
  • Homepages: Series X | Series S

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  • Xbox
  • XboxSeriesX
  • XboxSeriesS

  • /r/XboxSeriesX Launch Week Megathread Hub

Discussion Topics

(Please feel free to contribute your own top-level topics/discussions, these are just to jump-start the conversation)

  • Games – Are you happy with the launch titles? How do you feel about titles being available across generations? Any games you are excited to play now or looking forward to playing soon?

  • Hardware – Are the specs / expected performance what you were expecting? Any letdowns or surprises? How do you feel about the difference in hardware between SKUs?

  • Software – How do you like the OS for the Xbox? Where there any substantial updates or improvements that you like so far? Anything that feels like a step back or possibly missing?

  • Services – How is Xbox Live on the Series X|S? Do you feel like services such as Xbox Live/Game Pass are a good value this coming generation? Anything you feel is lacking or could be improved on?

  • Aesthetics – How do you feel about the new Xbox designs? Are the sizes a concern for you? Are you happy with the current color selections? How do the new controllers look and feel?

  • Price/Retail – How do you feel about the current prices in your region? Are they fair for the hardware? How has your experience been with ordering the systems? Are you going to wait awhile to make a purchase?

  • Availability and Retail – How did your order go? Issues with preorders or shipping? When do you expect to have the Xbox in your hands?

  • Accessories – Are the available accessories what you expected from the new lineup? Anything lacking or surprising?

Xbox Series X|S + Playstation 5 Megathread Hub can be found here.


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