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Xenogears is My Favorite Game…Help Me Find A Comparable Game

Content of the article: "Xenogears is My Favorite Game…Help Me Find A Comparable Game"

Xenogears is my favorite game. I've never experienced a story as good in any medium. The story is at the same time both personal and grand/epic. The stakes are very high but also close to each character. Characters are believable, experience pain, love, and growth. Basically, it's just a wonderful (if overwrought) story that I deeply love.

I have tried to find a game that gives me at least a comparable feeling to Xenogears. I've found other games have great stories (mainly ones from the PS1 era, such as Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy Tactics) but nothing's quite matched it.

So what I'm looking for is a modern-ish JRPG or ARPG (within the last 10 or so years, preferably with voice acting) that tells a grand linear story with fantastic characters. I haven't played the Xenosaga series, so if that fits the bill, I'd listen to that for sure.

Games I anticipate hearing about but didn't impress me with their stories include: Mass Effect, Divinity: OS, Metal Gear Solids after 3, BioShock (just because it's not grand/epic or high stakes enough), any of the Final Fantasies (while I enjoy them, their stories don't really compare in my opinion), or Dragon Quests (too lighthearted).

If I'm searching for something that doesn't exist, feel free to let me know. If you do have some recommendations (and I can play games on any system except XBox) tell me why you think they tell a good linear story (for the sake of discussion and to meet the rules, also because I'm curious). Also, I've perused the Essential Games list and nothing there really fits the bill. Thanks!

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Edit: Thanks all, lots of great suggestions! Witcher 3 seems to be a good one to go for. I tried Witcher 2 and bounced off of it pretty fast, as I didn't at all like the controls. I'll give Witcher 3 a shot though. Nier Automata I've played through twice. Chrono Trigger is something that also gets mentioned a lot. I might go back and give it a shot eventually but right now I'm looking for something more modern. Tales of Bersaria is actually a game I'm in the middle of at the moment. I'll keep going ahead on that one too, I do like the characters so far. Thanks everyone!


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