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Years late to the party, I finally completed the old Half Life series! My Thoughts

Content of the article: "Years late to the party, I finally completed the old Half Life series! My Thoughts"

So i'm definitely late to completing this series (except Alyx, no headset 🙁 ) but the Half life games were all on heavy discounts during Halloween, and due to the current pandemic I thought there was no better time than to finally beat them! Here's my thoughts on each game + dlc


Half Life 1

For a game released in 1992, it holds up remarkably well, really enjoy the level design throughout black mesa and each of the weapons feel useful and fun to use. There were a couple of issues however, I kept getting stuck on certain parts of the geometry (more often than not when using the Valves). The Game takes a bit of a nose-dive in Xen for me, and I wasn't a fan of the final boss, but over-all a very solid game. 7.5/10


Half Life 1: Blue Shift

A short dlc, Blue shift was ok at best. It didn't do anything new but for the price I paid I can't complain too much. What I will say in it's credit is I really enjoyed the Xen in this dlc, much more than in Half Life 1 in fact. It's still 100% playing through however, and I like the new lead Scientist. 6/10

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Half Life 1: Opposing Force

Really fun DLC, didn't enjoy it as much as the Original game but it was far better than Blue Shift, highly recommend this. 7/10


Half Life 2

For a game made in 2014, it doesn't half hold up does it? I enjoyed pretty much everything about this game, the level design, the combat, the characters, and the game looks great too! Everything is a major step-up from the first Half Life, which was already a solid game. The Ravenholm level was incredible as well. Over-all a fantastic game that thoroughly deserves it's reputation. 8.5/10


Half Life 2: Episode 1

Had high expectations going into this, came out pretty underwhelmed. The whole citadel section felt like a complete drag, the underground section with the monsters wasn't very fun either. Still a lot of worthwhile parts in this, and you obviously shouldn't skip it if you're going through the series for the first time, but it's a definite step-down from the Main Game. 6.5/10

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Half Life 2: Episode 2

This was the reverse of the previous episode for me. Went in with lower expectations due to the first one, came out with this being my favourite in the series by far. Everything about this DLC is fantastic, absolutely loved the new enemies, the story ramps up majorly in this one and the Mine section is easily one of my favourite levels in any Video game, absolutely fantastic way to cap off the series and I can easily see why fans are desperate for a finale. My only small gripe is a think the final section overstays it's welcome a little bit, but that's my only real issue. 9/10


Over-all, it's easy to see why this series pretty much defined gaming as we know it, hopefully I can play Alyx one day (Which I've head is fantastic) and I've still got Black Mesa to play!


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