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You do NOT have to finish a game if you don’t particularly enjoy it.

Surprisingly some people still make this mistake. If you're one of those and haven't realized and you want to get through your backlogs but still manage their time well, listen.

I was playing through my free games on Epic Games and realized that some of the games are not quite what I'd want. I tried This war of mine, Faeria, InnerSpace, A short hike and unrelated to epic games, Painkiller.

You can skip this part if you want:

This war of mine is awesome I've done 3 playthroughs to the end but I wouldn't play it again unless I have the full version.

Faeria is a bit of a generic TCG game but it was fun enough to hook me. I'll keep playing it for a while.

InnerSpace although it looks cool I just couldn't see myself playing this for idk how long. It wasn't clicking for some reason. Uninstalled after 60 minutes.

A short hike was pretty enjoyable and I beat in a few hours of playing but I wouldn't go for 100%. I thought I understood the game's message already.

Painkiller. Yeah it's pretty fun at first but I felt like I've seen the whole game in the first 3 levels. I'm pretty good at FPS games and I felt like the game was way too easy or at least predictable.

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So this is what I learned. These are the questions you and I should ask. Can you see yourself playing this for the next 10 hours? Are you having fun right now? Is this game worth being 100%'d (if you're into that)? Are there more interesting games you haven't played that you'd prefer instead?

Now, of course, some games aren't like that and get more fun the more you play it. Case in point online games like CSGO, Rocket League, etc. But those don't count.

Stop with the mentality that all games are great, they're super fun, and I'm gonna play it until the end out of respect for developers. Because sometimes games just don't work for you specifically.

If you think you "understood" the game and don't wanna keep playing, play for 30-60 minutes more and hope that the game proves you wrong. If it doesn't, move on.


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