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Your favorite horror levels in non horror games

Content of the article: "Your favorite horror levels in non horror games"

Is it just me or are horror levels in non-horror games awesome? They're always unexpected. I can list three of my absolute favorites. They're from Half Life 2, Thief Deadly Shadows, and Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. So if you haven't played one of these, skip the section so you don't get spoiled.

Half Life 2: Ravenholm I mean come ON. " That's the old passage to Ravenholm. We don't go there anymore." And the moment you enter, you're greeted with this! This is where tons of people go "Nope". I had my cousin playing this game off my recommendation and he actually skipped this entire section just because the atmosphere was too much for him. Me personally? Using the gravity gun and splitting zombies in half with saws was super satisfying. But this level is just legendary.

Thief Deadly Shadows: Shalebridge Cradle I'll go ahead and say it, I could not beat this level. It probably didn't help that I was playing it at around midnight, but this is the point in the game where I quit and instead went back to play the first couple of games in the series instead. Shalebridge Cradle is without a doubt scarier than a ton of pure horror games that I can name. Here are two articles (this one is a PDF) that talk all about it. I don't know. Between the creepy girl ghost guiding you, the inmates or the "staff", this one absolutely terrifies me. One day I'll have the balls to play the game again and get through this level lol. Preferably during the day.

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And my absolute favorite horror level in a non horror game: Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines: Ocean House Hotel I absolutely love that level and I plan on replaying the game soon with pure hype to experience this again. In a game where you play as a freaking VAMPIRE, you're shown that there are things much scarier than you. Probably one of the best levels out of any game I've played. You're sent to a hotel to find a personal item and deliver it back. What can go wrong? From the moment you enter, any feeling you had of being a badass scary vampire vanishes. Instead you slowly creep around every corner of the hotel while looking behind every few seconds in case something is there. This has been locked as my favorite horror level in any video game, ever. Maybe something will top it one day. Silent Hill 2 and Lost in Vivo come close. But nothing beats the pure atmosphere and tension of Ocean House Hotel.

Some honorable mentions go to a bunch of vaults in the Fallout series, as well as the Dunwich Building in Fallout 3. Another is the Scarecrow sections from Arkham Asylum. And we also got the Banshees from Mass Effect 3.

So what are some of your favorite horror levels in non horror games? And if you've experienced any of the three (or honorable mentions) I listed, what were your opinions while going through them? I think horror levels in non horror games are always my favorite moments from those games because it lets the devs get super creative and put the player out of their comfort zone.

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