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YSB any Dark Souls/bloodborne game

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I was going through a pretty tough time in my life over the summer, I wouldn’t say I was full on depressed, as in I barely had suicidal thoughts, but I didn’t really care if I lived or died anymore, I had no urge to keep going.

And then came dark souls 1.

This game brought me back, the sense of accomplishment, of overcoming that cycle of fire, that existential dread. It very clearly had metaphors for depression. And god damn if that game isn’t great. I finished bloodborne, and I’m playing dark souls 3 right now. What a series, if you have a friend that’s depressed, or you are, or you just want to experience one of the greatest masterpieces of the form. Play it.

Talking about the actual gameplay, the first game still doesn't feel too dated, because the amount of patience you need to take in fights makes it feel so much more realistic, even when you're killing something called a dark wraith.

The way that the levels interconnect with each other in the original game is also absolutely phenomenal. I won't spoil anything, but coming back to the first area after you've been walking for two hours and you feel like you're miles away from where you actually are makes you realize how masterfully this game was designed. Yes, there are absolutely problems in the second half of the game (other than the amazing dlc and final boss) that were touched on in later games, but the first game will always be my favorite game of all time.

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There's also story if you really pay attention to it. And the videos explaining the stories of different characters is called "prepare to cry" for a reason.

Oh and how could I forget about the bosses (I didn't I'm just saving them for last)

I again will not spoil anything. But these guys made me feel so happy in a time where everything else felt so dark after I beat them. A certain duo halfway through the first game that I had an extreme amount of trouble with were designed in the typical dark souls way. After they stomp on you for 40 tries, at the fortieth you put your controller down, maybe start playing a different game. And then you think about what you could do differently. And you're back after ten minutes to a day.

These games are great. I totally recommend the first game first because you won't want to go back to see what it does better (and best) after playing smoother games like bloodborne and dark souls 3.

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