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YSB BioShock Infinite – a detailed review.

Important to note: there are NO SPOILERS in this post, it is safe to read if you haven't played the game yet.

You should buy BioShock Infinite. It is one of my favourite games, yet I'll be critical with this review. I'll be focussing on story elements, map & environment, audio & ambience, gameplay, and characters.

To start off, the story is probably the most important aspect of the game. It is well developed throughout the games timeline, and will give a HUGE eureka effect once the story makes sense and ties back to its important factors. Maybe make sure to watch videos and read articles about the story to fully understand the plot. Story 11/10

Map & Environment are my secondary most favourite aspect about the game. The game is set in a futuristic 1912 steampunk inspired world, there is no more to say to that. Whoever likes architecture and technology from this time and era should definitely give it a try. Map & Environment 10/10

Audio & Ambience also make up an important aspect to give a really good feeling of the world back then in the futuristic style. The soundtrack includes covers of actual songs, converted into vinyl/ jazz covers, corresponding to the era the game is set in. The sound effects and ambient sounds of the world also correspond to how the world is portrayed visually. Audio & Ambience 10/10

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The Gameplay is the most critical part in my opinion. It might be more attractive to others, but I personally did not enjoy the way each quest was structured. Obviously, since it is a shooter, the quests consist of fighting enemies. After some time this becomes a little repetitive. Due to a lack of puzzling, finding clues, and parkour (still included, but could have been more), the gameplay lacks variety in my opinion. Gameplay 5/10

BioShock Infinite's Characters are another great element. There are only few protagonists and antagonists, which makes the main, ongoing story more comprehensive and less confusing. After time, one can definitely see character development in some figures, as the story progresses. This is specifically important to observe, as it makes it easier to understand the complete plot of the game. The characteristic traits of the characters are also wisely chosen and therefore add to the point of a great storyline. Characters 9/10

TL;DR – the game has amazing elements, such as story, plot, environment, ambience, character development, and soundtrack. The gameplay itself lacks a little variety, but if you are looking for a story game to enjoy the story rather than the gameplay and shooting aspect itself, BioShock Infinite is perfect! As mentioned earlier, even though there was an aspect I didn't like at all, it is still one of my favourite games, since the other elements make up for it.

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