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YSB Classics PS4 Bundle (Kinetica, Twisted Metal Black, and War of the Monsters)

Content of the article: "YSB Classics PS4 Bundle (Kinetica, Twisted Metal Black, and War of the Monsters)"

Sale ends at 9/17/2020

To those who didn't have a PS2 growing up or those that just wants to play classic ps2 titles then I recommend this bundle to you! The bundle is a collection of PS2 classics "up-rendered" for the PS4 and is currently on sale on PS Store US at $4.99(lowest its been) from $19.99. Individually the games costs $10 each and goes on sale once a year. The games included in the bundle are:

Kinetica (Gameplay)

This is the first game of Santa Monica Studio(Yes, the God of War devs). I only played this game for an hour or two because I don't really play racing games but the closest comparison I can make to this are Wipeout and Redout. You can unlock cars/characters and maps by playing the game.

Twisted Metal Black (Gameplay)

Probably the game I spent the most time in the last 3 days. Developed by Incognito Entertainment a team part of Santa Monica Studio, this is basically a vehicle battle royale game! Each vehicle has their own stats and "super" that differentiate them from others. There are 15 vehicles in total that you can choose from and all of them have their own dark story/campaign. There are 5 cars that you can unlock by exploring some of the maps' secret areas. Aside from your normal arsenal of weapons that you can find in the map there are also special attacks that uses "stamina(yellow bar)" that you can use by pressing a d-pad combination like <← ← ↓ ↓> for invisibility, you can also freeze your opponent, make a shield and even make your vehicle jump. There are also cheat codes if it gets too difficult to play such as God Mode, Infinite Health, Weapons and Turbo. It can be pretty unforgiving and unfair at times, specially the last 2 levels of the story and the two boss battles but it's still fun and you'll get a sense of pride and accomplishment when you finally beat the boss at your 12th try.

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War of the Monsters (Adventure / FFA)

This is also developed by Incognito Entertainment . A fighting game with kaiju inspired monsters and cities as arenas. Buildings can be destroyed and climbed on. You can use debris, cars and your environment as weapons and you can also step on people running on the ground and literally turn them into red mush. Each monster also have their own super one for both long and short range. And as most games during the ps2 era there are monsters, maps, skins and minigames that you can unlock by playing the game.

Kinetica and War of the Monsters have 2 player splitscreen while Twisted Metal Black has 4 player splitscreen. They added trophies to the games too but no platinum in any of them. The only complaints that I have for these games are the controls, it feels dated and confusing. Using the left stick or x button for gas and circle for brakes. The camera angles are hard to control too. And the aspect ratio is still at 4:3

To my fellow gamers that can't find this bundle in their PS Store like Playstation Hong Kong or Singapore you can just make another PSN account and set it to US/Canada(pick the states with no taxes if you can). You can buy $10 US/Canada store credits on Amazon/Local Game Shops or any of your trusted sites as a workaround. Just download the game in your new US/Canada Account and you can play the game in your main account.

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TLDR: 3 classic ps2 games "up-rendered" for the ps4 for $4.99. All of them pretty fun with lots of content/unlockables but with dated controls and 4:3 aspect ratio that you can get used to after a few games.


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