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YSB Death Stranding

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Hey guys, so I just finished the game and I have to tell you I am deeply impressed with the world that Kojima created.

It is my first Kojima game, and I didn't know what to expect.

The things i definetly liked:

The world – the views were amazing and breathtaking. I took so many screenshots! It truly was staggering even on my ps4 slim.

The story – really complex and intruiging. But you really have to like the hour long cutscenes (beginning and ending chapters)

Gameplay – walking between points were made really interesting and I wasn't bored even when it was just walking on simple plains, the balancing to keep everything safe and I was even impressed that if you have a lot of stuff on your back, and walk under a rock, cargo that collided with the rock would drop (wow)

The last thing is the horror parts as I am not really into being scared it was made managable and it made me tense, but not in a way that it would keep me from playing it.

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The things I didn't like:

The ammount of stuff you needed to make objects. Nowadays the game is kind of dead and not many people throw in stuff making it impossible to finish everything.

I didn't really see the depth in characters. The only one I really connected with was >!spoilerDeadman< . All the others were made to be super important, but in reality you just saw them few times and just walked further.

Overall, I'm being picky and I loved the game. With the quality of the story, world and gameplay negative things are just dimmed out. I heard a lot of things about it before playing. Some said the game is weird and boring, because you just walk between points, and some say it is amazing because of how they made the boring parts interesting and engaging. I am definetly the second one. I deeply recommend you play it. It is totally worth the price and the high notes it recieved

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I just hope there will be more games like this or Kojima makes part 2


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