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Here is my short (but in-depth) review of DUTM and my thoughts on why YSB this game. No spoilers ahead, so don't worry.

The general premise of the game deals with your trying to conduct a last-ditch effort for humanity. It's a game that delves deep into interpersonal intricacies and emotional complexes of the characters — the screenwriting is almost flawless, and the story sucks you into it: you aren't merely a player controlling the game; you feel and assimilate the game. Every emotion is so luculent that it invites you to become part of the story. There is that vehemence exuding from the characters' personalities that make you think as if they were no longer just videogame characters; no, they were real, thinking, breathing people. Be it a tear of grief or mourning, a roar of anger or anguish, a breath of hope or despair, they all become ingrained within you.

The graphics in this game are stunningly superb as well; they even have RTX support. Without it, though, the game is still breathtaking. Every single mote of moon dust, every illumined patch of fabric, every vast lunar landscape — every bit of texture in the game is meticulously detailed. The ghastly, lurid pulses of light towards the end of the game showcase the superb lighting system employed by the game. Shadows are stunning — dark is dark. The downside, however, is that lower-end systems cannot run the game with ease; V-sync also needs to be turned on at all times to prevent immense screen-tears. However, this will cause input lag. You'll need at least a 1660Ti to run DUTM smoothly.

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Control-wise, I think the game masters this aspect of it. There aren't too many complex keybindings, and the controls are kept simple. I, however, wish that they would have provided the option of switching between 3rd-person-view (TPV) and 1st-person-view (FPV). The majority of the game is in TPV, with only the starting parts using FPV. I understand the need for TPV — you can experience the grandiose scale of the entire level, but this comes at the cost of immersion. I also wish that they would have given more audio dialogue to the main character (the astronaut we control) that we may attain a deeper understanding of his mind.

And then, there is the music and sound design. The way the music pairs with the levels, the movements, the changes in our surroundings; this is videogame music at its finest. The thumping, rhythmic, and nonetheless guttural drive of the soundtrack accompanies a moment of adrenaline and panic. The calm, solemn, yet haunting piano melody supplements and completes the sheer sense of loneliness, guilt (you'll see why), and grief carried by the protagonist (you). Sander van Zanten excels at this. The sound design in this game is marvelous as well. From the thunderous roar of jet engines to the faint beeping of electronics to the whooshing of the airlocks, the sound portrays everything in vivid Technicolor. Alarming issues are described by intense tones, while tranquil silence characterizes calm serenity.

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Nevertheless, nothing is perfect. There is a big issue with level-design; that is, the game is very, very linear. Granted, this serves as a way to ensure that the story enthralls the player's attention, but realism becomes a tad lacking. Even so, the puzzles presented in the game can occasionally detract me from the storyline, too, as I wrack my brains to figure out a solution to the issue.

That aside, everything else considered, I strongly recommend Deliver Us The Moon, especially if you appreciate an immersive sci-fi story filled with visceral emotions and impressive surroundings. It's like a simpler version of SOMA (which I love, too), without the horror elements.

TLDR: Good game, do buy it.


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