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YSB Jackbox Party Packs 1,3, and 5

Content of the article: "YSB Jackbox Party Packs 1,3, and 5"

Steam is having a launch party sale for Jackbox Part Pack 7, and the entire series of games is now on sale. If you haven't played any Jackbox games, they're excellent local party games, and also work well when streamed over video calls, for remote gaming in these covid times.

Players use personal cell phones or other devices as controllers, to answer trivia questions, draw on their screens, cast votes, and more. The series has great trivia games, truly hilarious party games, and a few duds that are skippable. Almost all the games support up to 8 players, except the original You Don't Know Jack 2015, which only goes up to 4p.

As an owner of Party Packs 1-6 (haven't tried 7 yet), I'm here to heartily recommend Party Packs 1, 3, and 5. Pack 1 has the original You Don't Know Jack trivia game, pictionary-esque Drawful, and Fibbage, which is similar to the old party game Balderdash. Pack 3 has the always-entertaining Trivia Murder Party, Quiplash, which is basically Cards Against Humanity without the cards (or racism), and TeeKO, a t-shirt design contest where players can actually buy the resulting design (I have). Pack 5 has the improved You Don't Know Jack: Full Stream (better than the original, because it allows up to 8 players, and mostly ditches the "screw" mechanic), the robot rap battle Mad Verse City, and Patently Stupid, a game where you draw pictures of inventions to solve made-up problems, and then pitch them to your friends using impromptu powerpoint presentations.

Packs 2, 4, and 6 are fine, but not as consistently good as 1/3/5. For example, the best parts of pack 2 are Quiplash and Fibbage, which can each be found in other packs as well. If you're on a budget, Quiplash, Drawful, and Fibbage all have standalone products on sale for around $5, and they're all truly excellent games in their own right, but it's almost always worth it to spent the extra few bucks for the 1/3/5 pack that includes the game in question.

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Quick guide to anyone who wants to play this online / socially distanced: Only one person needs to own the game, and share their screen over Zoom or your preferred video chat software. Everyone else needs one device to view the stream, and a phone/tablet with Chrome to play on. The later installments of the game have "Streamer mode" options, which add a little leeway to game timers, which helps when people are playing over the internet.


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