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YSB Phasmaphobia (PC Only Sry)

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If you're like me, you grew up watching those ghost TV shows all the time. TAPS, Ghost Adventurers, etc. You'd stay up late into the night getting scared when a rocking chair would move sightly on a night vision camera. Whether you think these shows are real, fake, stupid or funny have you ever wanted to have your own paranormal investigation? Well, thanks to Phasmaphobia you can but of course there's one catch… the ghosts can kill.

Phasmaphobia has you and up to 3 other friends go on paranormal investigations together. Your goal of the investigation isn't to confirm whether there is a ghost but what kind of ghost there is (admittedly this is where it differs from ghost hunter shows but in a good way imo). Once you arrive at the site of the investigation you have 5 minutes to setup any equipment you have, get a lay of the land and see if you can get any early evidence of a spirit. After the initial 5 minutes is up is when the ectoplasm begins to hit the fan. After the 5 minute mark, the spirit becomes hostile. Paranormal activity will start to increase, the spirit will become more aggressive and some of your group may die.

During the hunts your goal is to discover what kind of ghost is haunting the location. To do so you have been provided with a Spirit Guide Book that contains information on each kind of spirit currently available in the game. Information such as the behavior, strengths, weaknesses, and proof needed to discern what kind of ghost you're dealing with.

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To collect evidence you've been given multiple tools such as the EMF Reader, the Spirit Box, a regular camera, a camera that has a live feed to the truck you arrive in and a UV Light. But the most important tool is your voice. The game uses Windows Speech Recognition to allow you to communicate with ghosts with your own real voice. You can either use local chat to talk to the ghosts but you'll get the best results from using the Spirit Box and even a Ouija Board to communicate. With these tools you should be able to determine what kind of ghost you're dealing with.

Determining the ghost is your main objective and you'll be paid handsomely if your analysis is correct. There are also other minor objectives you can complete to get more money from the investigation such as acquiring photo evidence of the ghost and other things. The money you get from each investigation can be used to purchase more and better gear for your investigations. You also get experience points after each investigation. As you level up more maps become available and you can purchase better gear.

That's the main gist of the game but there's much more to it and many mechanics that I still don't understand myself. The game can be buggy at times but the game is brand new and the devs seem to be extremely active with there being frequent updates. The game is also dirt cheap, $15 USD (I think, I'm not American) and has been the most fun I've had in a videogame in a while. But most importantly, it's scary as hell. This game can often devolve into you and your friends crying in a corner for minutes at a time and I love it. Add alcohol for additional fun.

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TL;DR: Paranormal Investigator simulator that's genuinely scary. Basically just a poop yourself in a corner simulator.


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