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YSB Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

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Before those of you who have a 3ds put it somewhere in a drawer and forget about it entirely, I'd like to point you to a one of the handheld's last great releases. A criminally overlooked masterpiece which is a must-have for any fan of story-driven games.

That game is Radiant Historia. It's a JRPG/visual novel with an unique turn-based battle system and a very gripping, dramatic and unconventional plot. I say unconventional because, unlike most JRPGs where you play as some cringey kid who is The Chosen One and 30 hours later is the most powerful thing in the universe, here you play as an experienced spy who knows what he's doing. Everything in Radiant Historia is here for a purpose. Every character has their feelings, motives and backstory which you uncover as you play. Another reason why the story of this game is so special is because, after finishing the prologue, it splits into two intertwined timelines and you have to time travel between them. For example, if you hit a roadblock due to someone screwing up in one timeline, you can go to the other one to change that person's feelings so that they make the right choice in your timeline. The purpose of all this is seek out a history where the world doesn't become a massive desert and life perishes. It is mostly dark, but the story also has some light-hearted moments which never get in the way.

The combat is an interesting spin on traditional turn-based combat with a 3×3 grid system that lets you stack your enemies up and damage them together. If you don't like it, the 3DS version has a "Friendly" difficulty where encounter battles are avoidable without being underleveled and only boss battles are mandatory, which is how I beat the game on my first playthrough.

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There are 2 versions of the game, the original 2010 DS game and the 2018 3DS remake, Perfect Chronology. The remake is substantially better than the original in almost every way, with great voice-acting and a lot of aditional story content. The only place where the original is better is the art style. The original had an unique style while the remake has a more generic anime style. Both versions of the game also have pretty bad graphics.

But, if you can look past the graphics and enjoy other, more important things Radiant Historia has to offer, including the awesome soundtrack I forgot to mention, you will be in for a great time.

Here I talked about the things that made RH special for me. For a more complete overview of the game, check out the reviews.


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