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YSB Star Renegades (Steam now, Switch soon)

Content of the article: "YSB Star Renegades (Steam now, Switch soon)"

Star Renegades is a turn-based JRPG Roguelike, that feels kinda like Darkest Dungeon but there’s no RNG, and instead of dark and depressing, it’s vaporwave-colored, and has pretty funny writing! One of the coolest things about the game is the art style, which is like retro-pixel in quasi-3D, with an Octopath depth of field effect, and super sweet lighting effects. Just go watch the trailer, the visuals are tasty.

Your characters build relationships with each other over the course of a run, which can give them combat bonuses and even combined duo attacks.

In combat, there are lots of interesting and crunchy decisions, and attacks happen on a timeline, where you can stagger enemy attacks to push them back in the turn order, or even bump them off the edge of the timeline to essentially skip their turn for the round. Character classes and abilities are cool and varied, and I’ve only seen less than half of them.

It has a little bit of a learning curve to figure out the symbols and mechanics, but really not too bad. Trust me when I say I’m not cut out for super heavy games, but this one is fine. Viewing the enemy attack info is slightly annoying with mouse and keyboard, but feels totally fine with a controller. The enemy attack info is deterministic like Slay the Spire, so the game basically tells you if your attack will kill a dude, or if not blocking an enemy attack will kill yours.

Roguelite info – I haven’t got anywhere near a final boss yet, but where a full run of something like Slay the Spire is around 45m for me, my first death in Star Renegades (at the end of the second planet) took 2-3 hours. I got to immediately unlock two new characters after that, and also made it 75% of the way towards one of the only “make the game slightly easier” unlocks – the rest seem to add variety rather than power. This is a good thing IMO. It’s a new game, that’s NOT early access, just a full finished game.

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I did not know a switch version was coming later this year, when I bought it on steam this week. I will probably double dip and buy it again so I can play anywhere in the house.

TL;DR – if you liked slay the spire, darkest dungeon, or octopath traveler, you might love this game. Perfect for switch, but I bought it on steam anyway, no regrets.


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