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YSB Watchdogs: Legion (2020)

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Now, this may be a controversial one, and everyone knows Ubisoft is, well – not the best at the moment. And I know of the constant crashes that exploded over gaming social media (the majority of these were patched as of Wednesday).

However, as a huge Watchdogs fan, I pre-ordered it and got it day one, and I want to say, it was such a nice breath of fresh air from modern day games like Modern Warfare and other – questionable – games.

The combat is heavily improved from One and Two. You can now punch, guard break and dodge instead of the plain Takedowns that were the only melee combat in WD 1 + 2. Gunplay feels above average for your typical Open-world third person shooter, and the range of ways to shoot was vast – something I’ll explain more later.

Now the main selling point of this game is the play-as-anyone mechanic. I didn’t know how well this would be executed at first – I thought it could either be a cheap way to make the game unique or something that would completely revolutionise the franchise, and I can safely say it felt amazing. Walking around the world for ages just to find one person that would help your team significantly felt satisfying and not at all a waste of time. Unfortunately Ubisoft haven’t given us a real reason to recruit a “normal” person unless you really have to – but the amount of skilled operatives you can come across in one session made up for that. I haven’t yet come across the same person twice, which is very impressive when you consider there are 9 MILLION people to recruit, and their recruitment missions weren’t too repetitive either – and neither did their abilities either.

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Hacking didn’t feel much different, but like they say: you can’t fix something that’s not broken, but I would have liked to have seen different mechanics for the driving aspect. It feels good but not anything to rave about.

The puzzles worked well, the story was a big improvement on the last, the open world feels alive and just like London – I don’t have much to say about the game that’s bad!

Buy it. Just buy it.


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