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Can we talk about god of war and greek mythology?

Recently I've been watching videos and reading a lot about greek mythology. And just thought about discussing what the series does to it Zeus as far as I'm concerned is absolute garbage, fits him well. Only thing tho is that in the game doesn't seem to care that much for Athena and according to what I read she was his favorite daughter, she's actually born from his head. Because he ate Athena's mom pregnant with two kids and one of them having some sort of prophecy to overrule Zeus and take his place. "The cycle ends here". That was a nice detail.

Another cool thing is how they chose to make Kratos. Cratos had three siblings each one representing a trait. Cratos being the personification of strength.

Nike – victory Bia – force Zelus – Zeal

It's interesting because it kinda seems they made one man, one son of Zeus that combines all of these in a certain way. (Poor Deimos Kratos took it all) After the great war Cratos is in service of Zeus and his siblings. Which ads to another interesting thing that is Prometheus. In Greek mythology (or at least one version of it I haven't looked it up completely) Kratos takes a part on Prometheus's punishment. By order of Zeus he and some other i don't remember the name + his sister Bia, take Prometheus to a remote place to trap him for that bird.

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"The opening scene of the tragedy Prometheus Bound, which is traditionally attributed to Aeschylus, Kratos and his sister Bia are taking Prometheus to a remote location in the Scythian wilderness, where he will be chained to a rocky outcropping. The order to do this was given by Zeus himself and >>>>Kratos and Bia are portrayed as the embodiment of Zeus’ new regime. The presence of Kratos and Bia but absence of Nike and Zelos indicates the play’s tyrannical portrayal of Zeus, since Kratos and Bia represent the more tyrannical aspects of authority. He enforces the power of Zeus through physical brutality and pitilessness.<<<< Just before his exeunt, Kratos mocks Prometheus, saying that he will never escape from his shackles and that he does not deserve his name. (Prometheus means “forethought” in Greek.) According to Robert Holmes Beck, Aeschylus’ depiction of the harsh punishment of Prometheus was intended as an example of how wrongdoers must be punished to deter others from transgressing. In this interpretation, Kratos’ cruelty is not intended to be viewed as excessive, but rather as the proper enforcement of justice."

While in the game he's the one that actually free Prometheus from his torment. But not losing that brutality we love. Interestingly enough after the great war the siblings went to Olympus staying with Zeus. "Consequently Kratos and his siblings have no dwelling place but Zeus himself". This is just me theorizing but I liked that part "no place but Zeus himself". In god of war no matter what he seems to go always in a direction that ultimately leads to Zeus. Which is obvious I know but it's cool to think about it.

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I read one article about Gaia so correct me if this is wrong, she actually rebels against everyone in power. Don't know why but if it's true that makes more sense even for her to betray Kratos. But that's all I know about her right now, if anyone actually reads this and see something wrong please feel free to correct.

One last thing is about Hades. I haven't played chains of olympus or ghost of sparta so idk if Hades has any presence on those. But it was cool the way he was portrayed, sure he looked like a monster but I don't remember seeing him being particularly cruel and unfair against anyone. The judges judge and he sends them to their eternal punishment. It was Zeus that sent Hephaestus to the underworld. And there's that "memorial" coffin of Persephone showing respect for her and when he talks with Kratos he gets extra mad mentioning Persephone. This is really cool and very accurate because he does love and cares for her. The only one of the big three that didn't cheat his wife with half of the population. Also the way Hera says "applause for another bastard child of Zeus" is soooo good, you can hear her anger on that one.

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It'd be nice to discuss 🙂 if anyone read this I guess


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