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Coincidence that Sindri got caught by the dragon?

Content of the article: "Coincidence that Sindri got caught by the dragon?"

I just replayed GOW 2018 and since i repeatedly heard that nothing in the game is an accident, and i don’t really have anything solid but i just couldn’t stop thinking about this. So Kratos kills the dragon to help Sindri, Dragons, as Sindri said, are the only creatures where it was specifically stated that they can see trough the Dwarves trick to step between the realms. After killing the Dragon you are granted the Missletoe arrows which(spoiler xd) lead to Baldurs curse being broken and him dying, which leads to the start of Fimblewinter. Maybe i’m just overthinking this but doesn’t that seem like a huge coincidence? It’s probably one of the most random but important things to happen in the game, i mean the one creature that could catch Sindri, catched him, which leads to Kratos saving him and indirectly to Baldurs death. I just wonder if Faye knew this would happen, or if she even knew how to break Baldurs curse, or did she just know that he has one and that Kratos would probably find it, even tho he was the reason for the curse being broken by fixing the Quiver, but he never figured it out by thinking yk. How i said, this could either be amazingly well explained or it’s really just coincidence. Or maybe Sindri knew all along. Idk wonder what you all have to say about that.

EDIT: So i’m kind of an idiot since i think i had it already but forgot the most important part. This actually could be considered a spoiler if this will really be the case in Ragnarok so if you’re afraid to know anything in advance stop reading here, altough i’m only speculating.

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Notice how some characters talk about Ragnarok how it already happend cause it probably already has, that’s why Modi is confused when Magni dies cause it should be impossible for him to die since he survived Ragnarok which means he’ll be at Ragnarok. Same thing with this, Maybe Sindri legit died to the Dragon in the original timeline, so Faye organised it in a way that Kratos will be there at the right time which will save sindri and indirectly start Ragnarok. Jesus fucking christ i can’t get over how well thought out this game is.

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