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God of War Characters as Animals Part 1 (Spoilers!)

Kratos: While it may seem odd I believe that Kratos might be a Lionfish, a hardy creature that came from a distant land. He’s been there so long that he almost seems like he belongs, but many of the natives don’t agree with that statement and want him dead at any cost. He’s very powerful and damages anything that tries to eat him with the equipment he keeps on his back.

Faye: I recognize Faye as a Thylacine aka Tasmanian Tiger, an animal that went extinct in the 1930’s after the last known specimen died in captivity. I think this reflects the giants well, a race that was hunted down until there was almost nothing left. Faye willingly left the safety of Jotunheim in order to meet Kratos, she knew her race would die out and accepted that fact. Though still kept it a secret from Kratos and Atreus, while Faye’s remains were reunited with her people. The body of Benjamin, the last known Thylacine, was thrown inside a dumpster.

Atreus: While most would associate Atreus with a wolf I would argue he’s more like a Raven or Crow, while definitely not as physically strong as most gods he is incredibly skilled in problem solving and learning languages. He’s always keen to learn though sometimes his curiosity can cause trouble, he’s not completely innocent as he does have blood on his hands but more often then not he is kind and caring for others.

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Megaera: While her design is definitely based on spiders, I have no doubts in my mind that she would be a parasitic wasp for her abilities to control bodies using insects. Even capable of move the giant Hekatonkheires with a few of her parasites, this perfectly mimics wasps like the Tarantula Hawk and Jewel Wasp who sting their prey and lay eggs in them. Giving the larvae a food source for when they hatch.

Mimir: I thought about this one long and hard before coming to a conclusion that has very dark origins, the best representation of Mimir is a dog. An animal that is extremely friendly and loyal when treated right. I specifically chose dogs as opposed to other pets because of the 1940 Russian dog head experiment where a severed dog head was kept alive for 10 minutes by artificially pumping blood to the brain.

Kara: Kara is the only Valkyrie that I wouldn’t say is a bird of prey, I’d actually compare her to a queen bee or queen wasp. While still tough she can be taken out relatively easily especially compared to other Valkyries, the challenge comes from her ability to summon draugr. Without this power she’s probably the weakest Valkyrie in the game, possibly even easier then Gunnr.

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