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I binged GOW 1-4 throughout Quarantine…

Content of the article: "I binged GOW 1-4 throughout Quarantine…"

This series of games in 3 words is = brutal epic adventure! Such an unforgettable experience. I remember my cousin playing this when I was 10 and I had no idea what I missed out on, at the time it didn't seem like my type of game.

15 years later I found out what I missed out on. The lore just sucked me in, I avoided any wiki's for spoilers. Sorta happy I waited this long, so I was able to binge all games in a row instead of waiting for years. (Jokes on me now in waiting for the next one! fml)

Random question to the fans:

– I can't say I'm a MEGA FAN but I'm kinda going there because I love the world. Do I play Ascension? Only reason I didn't is because it's a prequel, is it worth a play through? I ask bc I have no clue. I already watched the PSP games on YouTube bc I have no PSP or Vita.

– How much do we trust the prophecies and lore from GOW PS4? Will only some be fulfilled? Or of course like the game mentions, things can be rewritten.

– Are the disasters resulted from GOW 3 ripple into the other Norse, Japanese or even Egyptian lands? Can this be an explanation on why we hear certain characters mention things being different? Since we have no definite answer I expect speculation anyways! Maybe I missed a lore tidbit.

– Can a Greek God follow Kratos into the Norse lands in another game? I know theres a pantheon of characters in every Mythology.

My dweeb comments on each game:

GOW 1: I won't lie that in the beginning a few outdated mechanics or "difficult" levels got me rage I've never had in games. After cooling off and being precise and patient I loved the first game.

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GOW 2: Second time around was fantastic and the way they organically nerf you down is great. The cliffhanger on 2 had me more than exited to play 3.

GOW 3: Every tweak for next gen was killer, so much to say but the story payed off in the final confrontation with Zeus. Crazy seeing the slight experimentation with a kid in this game with Pandora, not too implemented as Atreus but it was nice seeing Kratos emotion shift.

GOW PS4: Again, the changes to the vibe of the game made sense but it still felt like God of War. I will admit it was strange to not have Kratos yelling and having his endless rage against the world. Again, either way his transition was believable because his story had no more loose ends with the Greek Gods.

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