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I was expecting a bit more from the ending

Content of the article: "I was expecting a bit more from the ending"

Don‘t get me wrong, it‘s a great and well made ending and my eyes did get wet when the music started and they started spreading the ashes.

However to me it felt a bit -how do a phrase it- anticlimactic. I was constantly expecting to be surprised with Odin. Be it when opening the gate to Jotunheim, when getting to the top or coming back. I thought that when the dwarves appeared they would say „yeah, sorry guys we’ve been more or less spying/working for Odin all the time, so please step aside for the big boss now“ or when we came back and Mirmir was laying on the ground he would say „odin was here, he killed the dwarves, he went to Jotunheim looking for you“.

Since I‘ve been thinking that Atreus is going to be Loki since Kratos fixed his strip with the mistletoe arrow (I thought „ah Baldur is either going to grab Atreus and die by grabbing the arrow or Atreus is going to ram it into his eye in selfdefense“), I‘ve also wondered if his mother is a frost giant or if the boy is adopted.

I was surprised and saddened that the Frostgiants were all dead – although I do wonder how their way of living was since they seemed too big for their wolrd.

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I liked how calm and „emotional“ the conversation and the moment between father and son went. It added to the character changes and growth that Kratos went through behind the scenes. I also loved how in the beginning he didn’t have it in him to put his hand on/behind Atreus shoulder and by now he is doing it so freely and naturally.

Unlike other games it‘s a great and natural explanation why you can keep exploring the world.

And I had to pause twice bc I‘ve been laughing so hard.

For one where they arrived in Jotunheim and Kratos is (rightfully) dramatically revealing his chain scars and having this deep moment and Atreus is just „😒 yeah, that‘s great dad, but I don‘t really care, so can we go now already or will you keep wallowing in whatever this is?“ And Kratos facial expression of „the youth nowadays don‘t have respect for anything!“

And the second moment was when Kratos finished the story of Atreus and his son saying „you actually told a great story! In a great way too!“ I was already cracking up back then when Kratos told the story of „there was a race between a turtle and a hare. the turtle won bc it had discipline“ and this now on top. I just can‘t lmao

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How did you like the ending? We’re you surprised?

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