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Just a little guide in the Valkyrie Gunnr (Thamur’s Corpse)

Content of the article: "Just a little guide in the Valkyrie Gunnr (Thamur’s Corpse)"

After obtaining the magic chisel off of Thamur's Corpse you are given the chance of opening magically locked doors. Some of these are Hidden Chambers of Odin, where the corrupted Valkyries lie in imprisonment. The Hidden Chamber in the Corpse holds Gunnr. In this guide I'll teach you her moves and how to avoid them and punish.

First of all, you want to start the fight with Axe AOE runic attacks. If you have already obtained and upgraded the Blades of Chaos you can also combo those runics with the others. Throughout the fight you want to be using the Leviathan Axe, as damage output and stun is key. Also, get a high stun Runic Summon for Atreus and use Shock arrows.


Scythe Lunge: When at high range, she will lunge at you with her scythe and attack twice. Parrying it is one of the most exploitable ways of killing her. It is not blockable. If you parry the first attack, spam shock arrows and try to charge a heavy R2 (RT on Xbox). You may also try the light x3 followed by heavy combo. It is a bit hard to dodge it so just parry.

Wing attacks: She has two variations on it. For both she will perform 4 slashes with her wings in series of two. Block these. Then she may either attack you with an unblockable wing jab or perform a, yet again unblockable double slash with her scythe. It is easy to see which one it is because of the red or yellow dot. If you see the yellow dot it's the scythe attack. Get ready to parry. If you miss you will be severely punished with two devastating hits. If you see the red dot, however, it is the jab. This one is rather easy to avoid. Once you see the dot, wait a moment and dodge anywhere BUT backwards. Then you can punish just like the lunge

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Air Lunge: She will jump in the air and perform an unblockable scythe lunge. I found the parry timings a bit tricky to get, so I normally just wait a second and dodge forward at the last moment. If you parry you can also punish her.

Use your Rage once you are at low health. It'll help you recover some and you can use the invulnerability to either wail on her or pick health stones.

If you have a blessing of runic enchantment you can parry her land lunge, hope it activates, then use an AOE high damage runic attack (or two), get the runic summon and with the stun wail on her using the 4 hit combo. In Normal mode and at level 5-6 that can deal around 1/12 – 1/6 of her health.

Hope you found this useful and greetings!

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