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Just a little guide on Dauði Kaupmaðr

Dauði Kaupmaðr is a fire troll and the first boss encountered in God of War 4, in the WildWoods location. If you are new to the game, he can be a bit tough, and even for experienced players, no fight is easy in Give me God of War difficulty. Here, I am going to make a list of his moves and how to counter them.

Dauði Kaupmaðr has 3 main moves: the stomp, the 2-hit combo and the very long combo. I'm going to go more in depth with each one.

Stomp: There isn't much to say about this move. He sometimes does it if you have stunned him or if you are near him. Deals little to no damage but can stun you easily. Just dodge backwards, and if you don't, no big deal.

2-hit combo: He will put his totem parallel to him and do a sort of thrust with it to his right and then perform a downwards overhead slam. For the first hit you want to dodge to his right so that you end up next to his leg and barely avoiding it, and then you can get one hit. Do not get greedy because the slam deals high damage. Be wary, as the second hit has a bit of tracking, so you want to quickstep (only press X once) to your left at the last moment and then you can get one or two punishers. But, if you stun him right after the slam he might combo it into up to two more slams. Repeat the aforementioned technique and you should be safe.

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Long combo: He will perform several slashes from right to left (4, 6 or 12-14) and when he stops will do a vertical slam to his left while recovering. For the 4 and 6 hit combos you can just stay away and throw your axe at him a couple of times, though sometimes he will stop after the third hit in the 6-combo, take a different angle and perform the next 3. For the hiper-mega-long combo, you'll easily notice when it's starting. He has to be at less than half health and will scream. After that, it begins. Unlike the other combos, he has tracking while performing it. Because of that, you are not safe to throw the axe. You want to just keep walking back, at a slow pace and when he is done you can get 2-3 hits and even potentially stun him.

Quick side note on Atreus: He is good bait in this fight, especially for the combos and, if you time it right, you can stun him out of the 4 and 6 hit combos with three shots. Besides that, he deals extremely low damage and can be useful only to a certain extent.

I hope this little guide helps you, and greetings!

PD: I might upload guides for some other bosses in the future

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