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Just beat God of War for the very first time

The 2018 God of War game was my first in the series. I knew nothing about the game going into it other than it got a perfect 10/10 on IGN and beat out my beloved, RDR2, for GotY. So I knew it had to be a good game going in, but I still had no clue what to expect. I’ve never played any of the first three games. My roommate told me about them so it was interesting to hear more of the backstory leading up to this game.

When I first started playing I just couldn’t get into it. I couldn’t find myself invested in the story: a father and son going to spread their wife/mother’s ashes on top of a mountain. I did find the father-son relationship most intriguing and that’s what kept me pushing through, but I nearly just gave up on the game altogether. Kratos and Atreus made a good pair and in the beginning that one was the one aspect keeping me hooked. Eventually I ended up losing interest, with plans of returning to finish one day. I stopped playing when you’re in the cave trying to go up the mountain, which takes place right before you fight the dragon (probably never would’ve stopped had I kept playing for 30 goddamn more minutes). I went on to play a bunch of other games since then and recently I finished playing AC Origins, so I FINALLY decided it was time to return to God of War.

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I fought the dragon, met Mimir, Atreus got sick and that’s when the story for me really started to get juicy. Here you have Kratos who deeply cares for his son, and now his son is sick because of this secret he is keeping from him—a secret I didn’t really know either. I blasted through the rest of the game in 3 days and just finished. Still have more to do which I might but I’m the type of person that when I’m done with the main story it’s pretty hard for me to go back and complete extra content. I gotta do that stuff BEFORE I beat the game otherwise I lose interest. I got other games to play.

Anyway, I was dumb for leaving this game. It was fantastic. And I’m sure, like many of you, the bond between Kratos and Atreus was very touching. I also was not expecting the twist of Freya being Baldur’s mother. That came out of nowhere. Plus Baldur looks older than Freya but she’s probably using some witch voodoo magic to keep her from aging. The story was amazing. A movie could never.

Also why was this game so difficult? I like to think of myself as right in the middle of skilled gamers. I’m just average. I usually like playing on normal in games because it gives me a fair amount of challenge but GoW normal was way too hard. I could not defeat any of the bosses. Somehow I got past Baldur in the very beginning but there was a rock troll I believe, from early in the game where I just had to switch to easy. But that sucked too since easy was way too easy. It was called Just the Story and I do play games for the story but I still like a good challenge. Just not so much so that I get frustrated because I suck and can’t progress in the story.

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TL;DR God of War (2018) was my first time playing a GoW game and after knowing nothing about the game, I thoroughly enjoyed it (after taking a prolonged break). Kratos and Atreus are awesome!


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