God of War

lots of you like god of war 4 well i dont.

you see what i loved about the previous god of war games is now gone: the camera angle has changed so now i need to look everywhere which is not very good in a hack n slash.

not that big for you maybe but a big thing for me: quick time event in the previous games it was great you just had to be always carefull while playing because it could just start a quick time event it was good it really improved the game one of the things i so much loved it wasnt that hard and even that easy just great

next its just the boy: he is just pissing me off lots of times making the game slower he is not even that good to the combat

now we have the cutscenes: the cutscenes in the previous games it was just really important to story or even some action. in the new games it is more like Atreus bloody bloody bloody just boring too hard feelings or some things about Freya or any other character.

next some parts are just too long and boring: i mean lets say the beggining you chop down a tree get it to boat go with the boat get the tree walk with the tree then loooooooong cutscene then walk walk some few enemies then walk few enemies then shoot with Atreus then a troll fight wouldnt call this a boss fight then walk few enemies go home boring cutscene and after all that only a first Baldur boss fight and this goes throughout the entire game that same i could not say about the older because they were shorter but didnt had the boring parts

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next the puzzles: in the older games there were lots of good puzzle not boring but very good like the Hera garden you had to kill some enemies open the gate then get then you know but in the newer you just most of them throw the axe somewhere.

last but not least the bosses: the bosses in the previous games were fun good and sometimes the bosses were big like Cronos or Hydra in the new game there was Hraezlyr but he was just easy to fight you had to defend then get few hits he electrisized himself you took the red thing and that you did until you give it to Atreus and then he kills him in the cutscene. and then you had first Baldur encounter which isnt that hard second encounter with Baldur the most boring fight in all of god of war then the final boss with Baldur which was almost the same as first encounter no new moves just some with the fire baldur and the only good boss fight of all Magni and Modi the only bad thing was Modi idiotic messages but otherwise it was as good as the old boss fights.

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if you read this to the end thank you and tell me your opinion on this and if you dont understand i dont hate the game just dont like it as a god of war.


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