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My personal ranking from worst to best of all of the God of War games after replaying them all in chronological order in the last month *LONG ASS POST WARNING*

Hey guys! I have been a LONG time fan of this series, and have been playing since the first games release on the PS2! Its been one of my favorite video game series for as long as I can remember, and with the announcement of Ragnarok as well as the trailer that dropped, I got reignited to play through all of these games again.

I wanted to make a list to share with fellow fans of this series of my ranking from Worst to best God of War games in order, as well as why! I want to preface this by saying that I dont think any of these games are bad by any means, so the lowest of the low on the list I still had a good time with, but this is the order that I view these games from least favorite to best! Let me know what you all think!

  1. God of War Chains of Olympus 6/10- This one being in dead last is most likely not a surprise to most of you. The best way I can put about how I feel about this game, is this. I loved God of War 1 for the feeling of being just a mortal spartan warrior that set out to do the impossible by conquering a temple of puzzles that no other mortal could, and inevitably killing Ares because of your efforts. Chains of Olympus I feel takes some wind out of the sails of God of War 1, and that unique feeling the first game has because you kill Persephone at the end and literally save the earth from being merged with the Underworld. The story felt too far fetched for my liking, and also had repercussions through the rest of the series for me personally. It doesnt feel great hearing "The mortal that killed a god" at the end of God of War 1, knowing that you did the same thing 5 years prior and literally saved the world. The main redeeming qualities of this game in my opinion are the cool settings you get to explore, and THE GAUNTLET OF ZEUS! Absolutely loved using that weapon, but you got it a little too late in the story to really do too much with it. All in all that is why this one ends up in last for me.

  1. God of War Ascension 7/10- I want to start this off by saying that I actually really enjoyed this look into Kratos's past, and thought that a story game based around how Kratos got free of Ares's bond was a good idea. The only things holding back this game for me personally were the weird grabbing weapons off the ground mechanic they added, as well as the magic items you get for puzzles in this game just being more annoying than fun to work with. I cant tell you how many times I have heard that damn decaying noise from walking into the green mist. In an area where God of War usually shines(its puzzles), this one felt very lackluster to me. The pro's of this game for me though were getting to explore Delphi and repair the statue of apollo, both very cool settings in my opinion, even if most of the puzzles in order to do those things were more annoying than fun. Multiplayer deserves a shoutout since it was the first ever to implement this, but I never played when this game was active so I cant speak much about how much fun that was. Story wise I put this at 7/10

  1. God of War Ghost of Sparta 7.5/10- Of the 2 PSP games that were made, this one GREATLY outshines Chains of Olympus. Instead of feeling like a normal "Hero" story where you save the world, this one chooses to lead up into god of war 2 perfectly, and makes the beginning of God of War 2 make much more sense in my opinion. All while also getting to see Kratos's roots (Sparta) as they all now know him as the God of War, and getting some explanation around Kratos's brother that was teased way back in GoW 1! There was a lot of payoff in playing this game in my opinion, not just lore wise, but also getting to use Kratos's spear and shield from his spartan warrior days! It was a perfect choice for such a lore heavy game, and was insanely fun to use in my opinion. Also having it explained that Kratos got his tattoo's for his brother's birthmark was also a cool little tid bit. Anyways I thought this game was great, only thing holding it back for me was the hardware it was made for, the PSP games both feel a bit different from the base games, but that is to be expected.

  1. God of War 2 8/10- And here is where we start getting into the mainline games, there are a few reasons I have put 2 where it is on this list, and here is why. God of War 2 is an incredible set up game. It does what it sets out to do basically perfectly story wise, without 2 we would not have gotten such a satisfying 3. Going after the sisters of fate, and BEATING them, is an absolutely badass story premise, and I have no complaints when it comes to what this game did Lore wise. That being said, the things holding this game back for me ahead of the others, is the fact that neither of the extra weapons you get to use are very great. They are kind of fun but feel kinda lack luster to me at least, as well as the fact that this game leads directly into another game that has WAY more payoff in my opinion. Its hard to compare this one to the other main titles, because this is really one of the only games where it was pretty much mostly set up. Still an absolutely amazing game and must play.

  1. God of War 3 9/10- God of war 3 holds a special place in my heart. Its all of the payoff that we had been waiting 3 games for, and MORE. You kill basically an entire pantheon in just a short 8-10 hours, as well as titans(Cronos Fight is GODLY), and a plethora of brand new mythological creatures. Also mixed with the graphic overhaul between 2 and 3, this game when it first came out was GAME CHANING. The fluidity of the combat, the magic items all being really fun to use, it feels like God of War really hit its stride with combat in this game. It was like watching a really long REALLY brutal movie about killing gods. Also shoutout to the Claws of Hades because they slap so hard. But the thing that is holding this back from being top of the top for me, is something that I am sure a lot of people felt. Kratos in this game, while being so consumed with his need for Vengeance, I feel lost some of his humanity from the first game. The reason God of War 1 is so special to me is because you really see Kratos as just a man that has done horrible things and wants to make them right. And yes you could argue that GoW 3 he is still fighting for the same thing. I just feel that God of War 1 made you feel that a lot more than any of the other titles did(saving God of War 2018). So while this game is immensely satisfying to play and go through from beginning to end, it still ends up in the 3rd spot for me.

  1. God of War 1 9.5/10- I could go on and on about everything that this game did right. Being fair with when this game came out, and what it managed to do at its time of release, it was like nothing I had ever played before. Taking down leagues of enemies with chain blades while trying to achieve your ultimate goal(to kill a god) which was seen as impossible at that time(if you dont count chains of olympus lore breaking ending). And to do that, having to hunt down pandoras box, which was hidden away on the BACK OF THE TITAN CRONOS IN A GIANT TEMPLE THAT THE GODS MADE JUST FOR MORTALS TO TRY AND BEAT. It really had the feeling of going up against impossible odds and actually winning because of sheer will. And yes these games all have that feeling tied to them, but God of War 1 does it perfectly in my opinion. Not to mention the Artemis blade being super fun to use and useful against different types of enemies than the blades of chaos were, the minotaur fight being really fun and brutal for its time. And the Ares fight really having all of the payoff, with him not going down easily and almost breaking you mentally. Just an all around damn near perfect game in my opinion. Absolutely love God of War 1. But maybe its also the nostalgia talking.

  1. God of War 2018 10/10- This game belongs in a damn museum if you ask me. It takes the cinematic experience of 3 and just doubles down on it. At times its like you are watching a movie about norse mythology and other times you are killing enemies in some of the most brutal fashions in absolutely STUNNING graphics. This game changed the formula for this series, which based off ascension, is really what this series needed. Making it a semi open world RPG game with optional bosses after the story and different armors to work for, all of it just felt so right for this series, it breathed new life into it. The dynamic between Atreus and Kratos throughout the story is beautifully told and has lessons for parents even. Not to mention the leviathan axe being INSANELY satisfying to use, and mixing it perfectly with the blades of chaos later on in the story, this game is just everything done right for this series, and a beautiful way to carry the series forward after the destruction of 3! The negatives in my opinion are some boss fights are just reskins, but thats really one of the only complaints I have about this game. All in all is an absolute must play for anyone who hasnt.

Anyways I thought it would be fun to post this and have some discussion about a series we all know and love! Let me know what you think of the list and if you think anything should be changed!

TL;DR- My ranking of the God of War games from worst to best

  1. God of War Chains of Olympus

  2. God of War Ascension

  3. God of War Ghost of Sparta

  4. God of War 2

  5. God of War 3

  6. God of War 1

  7. God of War 2018


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