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My take on GOW 3 remastered PS4. First time player of the series.

To;dr ranting on how good game is, two flaws, basically forcing player to use Hercules gloves and the ending was just a tad bit to long.

So I really need to share this amazing experience I just had and get it off my chest.

First and foremost, what an amazing game this was, absolutely great, what a master piece, and originally made in g2010. Wow! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Now, as for me, this was my first time heading into the GOW series of any kind, and I’ve heard about it before, but really never had the time to get into it, I’m 38, life usually tends to get in the way, feel me?

I started the game out a while back ago, when it was given free on PS+, giving it a half hearted chance, and boy did I immediately hate this f***** game.

The boss fight with that friggin f***** horseheaded scorpion legged beast MF, and those strange camera angles, put me off directly. So I put it away ever since then and didn’t touch it until 3-4 days ago.

Again I started it up, and being me, I wanted the real challenge, no p*y a BS here, so we go for titan level (remember, first entry ever in any GOW series).

As freaking frustrated I was by that hybrid horse, I was screaming in rage that I didn’t for the love of my life understand where the f**** to hit that shit horse.

I mean, in my old school NES games, you went for the boss head or middle area… and I was super determined to not use any YouTube guides.

So…. I sat there for about a 3-5 hours trying to time and time again figuring out this first boss, getting beat and screaming with rage, punching sofa, shed a tear or two in the toilet (honest to god), and trying again, ready to almost give up, until….. it popped for me, shit… this beast got legs, let’s go for those… AHA!!!! Of course you can hit those darn legs, wow… great, let’s kill it then. Easy peasy, that is until the scenery and angling change came along… interesting, sure, but…. what the whack is this angle hanging upside down good for, going at titan level and cursing myself and my life for trying this hard a** game in the hardest level possible…. – why numbnuts, why do you do this to yourself (tired of life is a absolutely a deal breaker here that’s definitely a reason, corona another reason, being an idiot is definitely a major reason and much more).

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Raging, crying, screaming over and over again, until, it finally popped for me, the mechanics suddenly just fell into place, and now, I was finally getting in some sort of flow, some sort of control, I started to understand the game, beating that damn water horse which was not THAT difficult as it first seemed at this point. 5 hours bro, that is THE most I have ever focuses on anything in my life. 38 years and still counting.

From there on, in all honesty, I just enjoyed the game thoroughly. Only once did I upgrade one time one of my weapons, the 🔥blade, to level 2 and that was little bit more than half way through the game, and that was because of course, sick and tired of my life as I am, I wanted THE ultimate challenge, no p****y player here, I’m not upgrading, NO….. I’m real hardcore, a real man, I love to take it hard to the chest, weaklings have no room in Sparta.


Again, playing on, I just have to say, I didn’t upgrade also because the game design is so awesome, you don’t really need to power up until you come to the garden and take on those two horn headed impossible beasts (before after the waterfall puzzle). At that point I just knew it was absolutely impossible to get ahead if not maximizing my weapons, the beasts were just to overpowered.

Anyways, back to the game…

Overall the games graphics, design, music was in absolute harmony, and beautifully crafted. The gods must have loved this. The Game and bosses were really hard and almost all of them are super memorable. I finished the game in 4-5 days with 20+ hours. And I loved almost of it except as I mentioned, the beginning, with the camera angels, and the ending.

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The ending….

Before getting there, let me just quickly discuss one major flaw of the game that I found, up until before having to max out all my orbs And weapons, the game had great balance, but once you get to that point, the game basically forces you to start playing with the slugger gloves you get from beating Hercules.

I think that was the greatest weakness of the game, overpowering those gloves so much. I usually try not to use the easy way out in games, as I feel like I’m cheating myself, a game is supposed to be challenging and more than that, the vision of the creators should be what is played. But in this game, I outright found many places impossible to beat without the gloves (the moving puzzle chamber for example is not possible without the gloves, I tried so many times).

That took away some momentum away from the game.

Back to the ending..

The second major flaw that I found, was the battle with Zeus. I feel all parts/battles we’re great and challenging and super interesting, the Gaia heart Zeus part was over the top hard, and was frustrating as f***. I basically tried myself to beat it for about 4-5 hours before YouTubeing and finding out that the trees heart and health with the electric weapons could help me greatly in that battle, by regenerating.

But, even after that part, as challenging as it was, I really wanted the game to end right there, that would have been the difference between 8/10 and 10/10. I’m sorry, but the thing is, these two flaws are major (for me).

When beating Zeus at that point, I was almost crying of joy and frustration, and of how hard it was but the game was… beaten… no?,

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No….. and then furthering the game was really a massive f*** U and momentum killer deluxe, I did not feel the rest of the story at all, I do understand that there is some context for the players from previous series, but still even for them, I have a hard time seeing how they could be happy that the game continued and how much “more” it did continue.

Momentum is a huge thing, and knowing when to quit/stop is equally important.

These two things/flaws were really “dealbreakers” but… anyone giving the game 10/10 is also in his/her right, I’m just saying for me, that was those things.

But, and finally, I think the game gets so many things right, and so much so, that I am looking into getting god of war for ps4 that was released more recently. I look forward to the challenges and punishment this game will bring. A huge round of 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 goes to the game creators of this amazing series, I can see how the game has the cult following it has. Never was I bored at any moment in my 20-25 hours. That speaks volume to how good this is.

Sorry for the longest post on Reddit, but I hope you read some of it. Hit me up with your take. 🙌🏽🔥💪🏽

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