God of War

never been so angry at a game before

i have to vent my frustration as i just wated over 15 hours of my life playing god of war 2 i have so much hate for how the developers made this game they ruined it completely for me, i can't finish the second game not because it's hard but because the quicktime events are completely ruined there is no way to press those buttons unless you anticipate the button correctly i, i don't know who can easily do those who can see a symbol then press the button instantly without even thinking and in time i can get lucky but thats 3% of the time the cutscene is a min i spent over an hour rewatching that cutscene there is NOTHING i can do i can't cheat i can't do anything, i am at the end i can't finish it i just can't i have gotten close twice but i am not about to spend another hour watching that damn cutscene in repeat over and over again i feel so defeated so destroyed to have played through an entire game then just to quit i tried every thing i tried changing to easy it makes no difference i tried pausing the game as soon as the symbol appears as some old forum thread said it worked but not even that is enough to press the button in time as the pause menu doesn't go away fast enough to press the button, the timing is so ridiculous that i can't understand what the developers were thinking.

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never ever in my lifetime have i experienced a game series where i flat out gave up not a single game has been this hard for me this impossible for me i despised the first game but i kept playing it as i loved the story, you don't know how much it hurts to play a game all the way to the end and then quit to have to look up the ending on youtube you don't, i know this is going to get a lot of hate but i had to vent because this ruined my week completely it destroyed my week, all i wanted was to experience the story but the game was destroyed by it's gameplay, others may love the gameplay but to me it is the most frustrating game i have ever experienced not a single game has been this terrible and frustrating words cannot describe how much hate and spite i have for this series now and it's creators i have no disrespect for the developers i know people love to be challenged but i have so much hate right now.

i'm just so mad so upset so sad i will never be able to finish this game unless i keep trying over and over and over and over again and then maybe get lucky after the next hour but i just can't i can't describe the feeling of just leaving a game like this because i have never done it before, and once i watch the ending on youtube it's over i can't go back after that i feel like throwing up right now it genuinely hurts i want to experience it myself i want to see it myself i want to finish the game but i can't, and every time i rage quit i have to redo the entire fight every time i pause i get kicked out as it's playstation now.

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