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Norse Weapons that could appear in GOW5

Norse Mythology is filled to the brim with fascinating relics, each with their own stories.

I wouldn't put it past Cory Barlog to bring in a lesser-known mythical weapon from Norse mythology into the light for the next installment in the series – if he hasn't already sneaked them in. Here are some important ones to consider from lore:

Gungnir (spear)

Gungnir, also called The Swaying One, is the great spear that belonged to Odin himself. Loki originally acquires the spear from the dwarves, and it was eventually used by Odin to begin the Aesir-Vanir War.

Properties: the runes carved on the spear's tip grant it and the one bearing it great accuracy and strength. But the spear itself is also perfectly balanced, and it can strike the target of the bearer, no matter their personal strength or even their skill.


Gram (great sword)

Sigurd – the Hercules of the Norse – used Gram to killed the great dragon Fafnir. A very ornate and powerful blade, it was depicted in many legends with various heros, including Sigmund.

Properties: All decked in gold and gleaming bright, downed Fenrir in one blow.


Dáinsleif (sword)

Dainsleif also belonged to a great Norse hero, King Hogni. This sword is pivotal in Snorri Snurlson's text Hjaðningavíg which discusses the never-ending battle between the king and his rival, Heoinn – a prince of another tribe, who abducted Hogni's daughter, Hildr. The story bears a lot of similarities to The Iliad, which tells of the great Greek-Trojan war.

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Properties: Dainsleif gives its victims wounds that never heal, and once it has been loosed from its scabbard, it must kill a man.


Hǫfuð (great sword)

Hǫfuð was wielded by Heimdallr, the guardian of the Bifrost and the herald of Ragnarok. Not a lot is known about Hǫfuð, other than the fact that its name means, 'Man-head.' Heimdallr's head has a lot of mythical associations, so it could be that there was once a lot about there about Hǫfuð that is simply lost to time.


Laevateinn (staff)

Laevateinn is another interesting weapon that we don't know a lot about. Allow me to explain: the name Laevatienn comes from a kenning, or Norse poetic phrase, 'damage-twig.'

Laevateinn is said to be housed in Hel, the Norse underworld, per the poem Fjölsvinnsmál:

Tell me, Fiölsvith! etc.

whether there be any weapon,

before which Vidofnir may

fall to Hel´s abode?

Hævatein the twig is named,

and Lopt plucked it,

down by the gate of Death.

In an iron chest it lies

with Sinmoera,

and is with nine strong locks secured

Properties: Now, from this small verse, we can somewhat guess that Laevateinn is no sword or axe, but actually a magic staff. We can also guess because of its relationship with Loki (or Lopt), that this particular one might be made from the same mistletoe that rendered Baldur vulnerable. The late scholar Henry Adams Bellows was the first to posit this.

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Sumarbrander aka Freyr's sword

This is something of an honorable mention because some scholars think that Laevateinn and Freyr's unnamed sword are one and the same. But they don't exactly sound alike. If you're uncertain, Freyr is the brother of Freya, and is the Norse god of sunshine, summer, and fair weather.

Properties: Cool thing about his sword is that it is able to literally fight on its own. Unfortunately for Freyr, he kind of bargained this blade away to Skinir. While this didn't exactly destroy Freyr's martial capabilities (he was able to fight the giant Beli off with an antler), it will have drastic consequences come Ragnarok.

Freyr is fated to die at the hands of Sutr, the fire giant. The blade that Sutr will wield in this final fight is often called, 'the sword of the gods.' Which sounds cool. But it's also kind of the name of Freyr's blade, leading scholars to think that Freyr will be slain by the magnificent sword he once bargained away.

Are there any you would like to see that aren't listed here?


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