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Official Norse Timeline from God of War: Lore and Legends

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Timeline (subtract 1 year and it lines up with the game)

A Really Long Time Ago

  • The Burning of Freyr and the beginning of the Long War of the Gods.

A Long Time Ago

  • Mimir arrives in the Northlands and becomes Odin's advisor.

200 Years Ago

  • The Huldra Brothers forge Mjolnir for Thor

175 Years Ago

  • As Thor is killing Giants and Vanir, Brok and Sindri turn on each other.

170 Years Ago

  • Tyr arranges the meeting between Odin and The Giant Kings in Jotunheim, only for Odin to gaze upon prophecies, causing the Giants to curse Odin so that he may never return.
  • Tyr then removes the Jotunheim realm tower from the Lake of Nine, leaving one passage on top of the Mountain.

150 Years Ago

  • Mimir arranges the wedding of Odin and Freya, ending the Long War.
  • Odin grants her the title of Queen of the Valkyries, as Freya teaches him magic.

145 Years Ago

  • Baldur is born, as Freya foresees his needless death.

140 Years Ago

  • Odin (fueled by jealousy and suspicion of Tyr) sends an army of monsters and Aesir to raid the Temple of Nine
  • Tyr disappears without a trace.

134 Years Ago

  • Brok and Sindri have and incident involving a spider, Brok's soul, and the Lake of Souls in Alfheim while making the Leviathan Axe

133 Years Ago

  • They finish the axe and give it to Laufey the Just

125 Years Ago

  • Hildisvini and Mimir help Freya find the protection spell that she eventually puts on Baldur, ridding him of all physical sensation, making him an outcast on Asgard.
  • Odin begins to tinker with seidr magic
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120 Years Ago

  • Odin orders Thor to begin to hunt down any Giant still in Midgard in order to find a way into Jotunheim.
  • After the incident with Thrym (implied), Freya breaks off the marriage with Odin, leading to him cursing Freya to not only remain in Midgard, but rids her of her Warrior Spirit as well.
  • Baldur chooses to remain with Odin, while he corrupts the Valkyries.

118 Years Ago

  • Sigrun seals all the Valkyries away into dungeons before succumbing to Odin's spell.

115 Years Ago

  • Kratos arrives in the Northlands, living alone in the woods fighting monsters and avoiding people.
  • Odin fears that Fimbulwinter may be upon them as a long winter freezes the realms.

113 Years Ago

  • The storm ends as Odin doubles down on his plans to conquer, causing the Giants to retreat to Jotunheim

112 Years Ago

  • Brok and Sindri get into a huge fight over their past mistakes that ends up with them going there separate ways

110 Years Ago

  • After Mimir suggests to create peace, a paranoid Odin believes that he is in league with the Giants, casting him to a tree atop the Mountain and plucking out his eye, beginning 109 years of torture.

89 Years Ago

  • Odin creates the Traveler religion in order to discreetly convince great warriors to aid in the search for Jotunheim.

40 Years Ago

  • Kratos and Laufey (Faye) meet in the woods and fight. They stop quickly, becoming friends due to the fact that they are both sick of violence.

35 Years Ago

  • Kratos and Faye build the house in the Wildwoods,
  • Faye sets up the stave, keeping her lineage a secret while Kratos tells her his past.
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20 Years Ago

  • Helheim becomes overrun with the dead and Hel-Walkers begin to seep into Midgard.

13 Years Ago

  • Kratos and Faye have a son named Loki Atreus.

6 Years Ago

  • Hel-Walkers dominate Midgard while the surviving mortals band together as their numbers dwindle.

3 Years Ago

  • Odin learns of the last giant, convincing Baldur that if he can make it to take them to Jotunheim then the Giants could break the spell

1 Year Ago

  • Faye dies and the events of the game occur from here.

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