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The original “God of War” trilogy is absolutely INCREDIBLE, gets better and better continually with every title and is still highly recommendable today!

A few days ago, I finally did it: I beat "God of War III" in order to catch up to the "God of War" series and to prepare for the fourth "main title" in the franchise from 2018. I played the first two games in their PS3 version via PS Now and the third one in its "Remastered" version on PS4.

Before I play the latest installment in the franchise, I really wanted to know what the original story was about, what Kratos went through and how he ended up the way he did at the beginning of the 2018-title. I have yet the play the 2018-title and am absolutely excited to finally experience it! Despite listening to the games' epic soundtrack from time to time, I didn't have the time to fully dive into this series until now.

To everyone who hasn't played the older titles, I want to say this:
Play these games! God of War I, God of War II and God of War III are still jaw-dropping, technical marvels and really hold up compared to other games from over 15 years ago.

Yes, the graphics of the first two games do look old, there are certain mechanics like difficult quick time events and fixed cameras that may seem outdated, but these games still have really great action, an art style that looks good, well animated finishing moves, spectacular boss fights that absolutely peak in III and really well executed, epic set pieces many games still struggle to get right today.

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The story is relatively simple in the first entry, but sets the stage for the all-out craziness that unfolds itself in the second and third game. As the story goes on, Kratos relationship to the gods of the greek mythology gets revealed and the sick, violent relationships between the members of Olympus is one of its most interesting elements. Kratos relentless, bloody path of revenge leads to an incredible climax, with a bold ending that really made me understand why fans of the series absolutely freaked out when "God of War" for PS4 was first revealed on E3 2016.

You miss out on something if you played the game from 2018, but not the original three yet. These games are epic, worth your time and should 100% be played if you can!


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