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[Theory] What the Asgard series will be named.

Now, we are all familiar with the Olympus trilogy (and the few side games).

They're basically named "God of War", "God of War II" and "God of War III".

With the new Asgard series, they somehow named the first game "God of War" again.

I highly doubt they're going to follow the same naming system as the Olympus trilogy. It would be mighty confusing and would undermine the individuality of the entire Asgard series.

I therefore don't think the next game in this series will be "God of War II" or "God of War 2" again.

Now we are familiar with Atreus and we know he is Loki.

Loki, who brings Ragnarok, is destined to end Asgard. Just as Kratos ended Olympus. This series is all about ending Asgard. Loki is destined to take over this series eventually to end Olympus.

From Norse mythology, Loki is also known by many names. He is the God of mayhem, mischief, trickery, fire, chaos, etc.

My theory is therefore that the Asgard series will be instead named by swapping the name of the god each time (reflecting increasing seriousness in line with the storyline), like this:-

  1. God of War – Passing the torch, and the start of Loki's journey and hate for Asgardians;
  2. God of Mischief – The growing success of Loki and the beginning of Asgard's fall. Maybe the death of Kratos, who knows; and
  3. God of Chaos – The end of Loki's journey, the chaos of Ragnarok in Asgard and Asgard's death.
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The above is just an example of how these god names can be swapped around to show increasing seriousness. I chose these because Loki's current pop-culture status makes the name "God of Mischief" a sure seller. And "God of Chaos" is the lesser used reference which packs more of a punch when it comes to an ending. They could use any other of Loki's various names as well.

Just sharing my theory, please be kind to me (karma is precious). Also let me have your thoughts. Cheers!


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