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What are your thoughts about the story of the next game?

Content of the article: "What are your thoughts about the story of the next game?"

What are the events that you think will happen in the next installment? Here are some theories that I believe will happen next. Listen close.

Kratos, Thor and the fate of Atreus

Kratos will definetelly lose Atreus. I believe there will be some big confortation with Thor and Kratos will lose but survive the clash. Thor will then take the kid and raise him as his son since Kratos killed his favourite first born son. Atreus will become arrogant and lose his humanity. This happened for a little bit after he learned that he is a god for the first time. I don't know if this will happen in the next game but Kratos will definitely kill Thor with his own hammer.

Tyr and Faye

Tyr helped the Jotunn and had a yet to be revealed plan with Faye. The first part of the plan was to hide the Jotunheim tower from Odin. The greek vase in the vault means that Tyr knew what happend to Greece and who was responsible (Kratos). What if he then proposed Faye to bring Kratos to the Norse realm. She had a child with him and he is her secret trump card against the Aesir in order to start Ragnarok and finish it. She never loved him and she kinda used him like the greek gods but she did it for good reasons so no hard feelings there.


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Freya will defenitely fight Kratos. The only reason she didn't tried to tear him to pieces the moment he killed her son is because Odin cast her a spell and she can't harm anything living by blade or magic. She will make amends with Odin in order take her warrior spirit back and avenge her son.

About the final mural

The man on the mural in indeed Kratos since there are two omega letters below the mural in The Art of God of War book. He will die by betrayal and I think it will be Freya who will kill him and not Thor. There is a sidequest about Andvari who cast a spell to avoid death and he transfered his soul to his ring. Maybe the final mural shows Atreus casting a spell to transfer Kratos's soul to……someone or something else.

Odin's true identity

I was thinking what a great twist would have been if it turns out Odin is Zeus and he is expecting Kratos in the end. What if he survived as well and he created the Norse pantheon. That's why some of his sons have lighting powers. That's also the reason why Baldur has the same power markings as Poseidon. Zeus has now changed. He tried to create a world where he controls every prophesy and its outcome. He did this out of fear that someone will dethrone him again.

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