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10 Things You Might Not Know About Gta V

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  1. Familiar sounds in the Smuggler's Run Trailer

at 32 seconds in the Smuggler's Run Trailer the carbine rifle used by a player to shoot a guard uses the same sound effect has a silenced pistol in Gta San Andreas, the original sound of the silenced carbine rifle is very different from the movie like pistol from San Andreas, it's a blink it and you'll miss it moment

  1. Agent 14 uses the Hydra cheat code from San Andreas when referring to the Hydra

during the setup to steal a hydra containing a EMP for the Humane Labs Raid Agent 14 calls the Hydra by it's cheat code in GTA San Andreas "JUMP JET" his actual line is "this is a british Jump jet from the sixties it's the only thing old enough to carry the EMP without being affected by it"

3.The Smart Approach to the jewel store job is canon

during the Casino Heist in The Big Con Pest Control Approach Lester states he used the same trick to rob Vangelico Fine Jewelry saying "sometimes you just gotta fall back on the hits, i ever tell you about the time i pulled something similar to take down a jewel store in huh…no it's best if i shut up about that one" meaning Michael chose to use Tear Gas and Bugstar disguises to rob the Jewel Store

4.Option C is canon

during the Diamond Casino mission "Strong Arm Tactics" Tao Cheng confirms that Franklin chose Option C by saying "i almost died at that place once, never again" when being taken to the club Cheng Sr is at during Option C meaning Franklin did kill his Father

5.The Radio foreshadows the future of the Story

if you leave the radio on the default station that the game puts it in during Story Missions the songs playing foreshadow future event, for example the song "It Won't Be Long (Before i'll Be Hating You)" always plays during the mission Friends Reunited where Trevor comes to Los Santos for the first time, the title foreshadows the fact that it won't be long before Trevor starts hating Michael, when Trevor kidnaps Devin Weston during "Option C" the song playing is "I Wouldn't Wanna Be Just Like You" with the chorus kicking in has Devin finally accepts his fate

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6.The Gta Version of Twitter "Bleeter" keeps up with events from Story

if you check Bleeter after completing a mission you'll find Bleets about the current events of LS right down to how you completed the mission you just finished, for example after "Meltdown" someone will post about the loud noises coming from Michael's house saying "Either Michael De Santa's got his volume up on his war movies again or he's waging World War 3" someone might also comment on how LS is starting to look like Warzone after seeing Michael and the gang kidnap Kerimov from the IAA building and the helicopter chase and gunfight that ensued right after during "Three's Company", some will doubt the IAA's attempt at a cover up by saying it was a training exercise

  1. "Blitz Play" is full of Easter Eggs

for starters, the heist itself right down to the plan and the target is a homage to the 1995 movie "Heat" that starts off with an armored truck heist in downtown La, where Neil McCauley and his crew block the road where an armored car is driving, then ram it with a truck causing it to flip sideways off the road, then using explosives to open the doors and steal some bonds, one of the guards in Blitz Play will also yell at the crew yelling that they were deafened from the explosion which is what happens in the movie where one of the crew members yells at the guards and another crew member tells him "hey slick you see that shit coming out of their ears they're deaf!" , after completing Blitz Play, someone will post on Bleeter that the heist looked just like a 90's movie, making a cheeky reference to the fact heat came out in the 90's, the recommended outfit for Michael which is the one seen in the artwork for the game's loading screens (Blue jumpsuit and Hockey Mask) is also the same outfit worn by Tommy's crew in the mission "The Job" in Gta Vice City , the outfit itself is a reference to Jason Voorhees' outfit from "Friday The 13th"

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8.Michael's character is very similar to Max Payne

For those who don't know who Max Payne is, he is the main character of the Max Payne games that were created by Remedy Entertainment , Rockstar later bought the rights to the Max Payne title and worked with Remedy for a sequel Max Payne 2, after that Rockstar made Max Payne 3 with almost no involvement from Remedy to a lot of people's distaste, by the time of the third game (2012) Max is a depressed, self loathing, slightly overweight alcoholic chain smoker stuck with a troubled past he's trying to forget , who tried to heal old wounds by moving to a tropical paradise to live and move on only to realize the wounds from his past won't let go, sound familiar? it's exactly like Michael's story, Max and Michael even have the same bullet time ability to slow down time to aid their aim, they wear the same gray suit, the difference being that Max lost his family while Michael lost his crew and best friend, Max is also an ex-cop who acts in his own sense of justice punishing the guilty one bullet at a time, while Michael acts entirely out of greed, Michael's face is also modeled out of a mix between Ned Luke (Michael's Voice and Motion Capture Actor) and James McCaffrey ( Max's Voice and Motion Capture Actor and face in the third game) Michael also uses an outfit similar to Max's outfit after the mission "Did Somebody Say Yoga?" since Michael has metaphorically lost his family while Max literally lost his family, if the player chooses he/she can make Michael look and dress just like Max does during Chapter 9 of Max Payne 3, bald, long stubble beard, aviators,tan pants, parrot print shirt

9.Brad was gonna kill Michael and run off with the money back in North Yankton

Michael and Brad never liked each other, Brad wasn't professional, he came to the crew late so the relationship could never be has strong like Michael and Trevor's , Brad probably didn't like Michael's "by the book no funny business" kind of attitude and thought he was liability, so, he was planning on killing Michael when things went bad back in the Bobcat Security Job but it appears Michael beat him to it,Trevor tells this to Lamar during the trip to Paleto Bay during the mission "Packman"

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10.Gta Online takes place before, during and after Story Mode

here's a timeline

Gta Online starts a few weeks before Gta V, the Heists Update starts off before the mission "Complications" The Fleeca Job is done after "The Jewel Store Job" , Prison Break and Humane Labs Raid take place during Michael and Trevor's hiatus from LS and before "Monkey Business" which is why Humane Labs has stepped security in Story Mode with bars on the sewers since the online crew escaped through the open tunnel, Series A takes place after The Paleto Score, the 400,000$ he pays the online characters being Trevor's cut from the job,The Pacific Standard Job takes place before "The Bureau Raid" , after that, each update takes place in the respective year it was added, with The Diamond Casino Heist 6 years after the main events of the Story Mode


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