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A lot of people are upset that R* is re-releasong GTA V on the next gen (PS5/XboxSX) consoles BUT

Content of the article: "A lot of people are upset that R* is re-releasong GTA V on the next gen (PS5/XboxSX) consoles BUT"

Rockstar kind of doesn't have a choice in my opinion.

We have seen that it wasn't until only last year (2019) that Sony/Microsoft released dev kits for developers. This means that even if devs could still work on games before, they couldn't work on games for the consoles until last year. Assuming 3-5 years for the next GTA and we are looking at 2022 minimum for VI. Rockstar couldn't start working on GTA VI for the next gen until last year. Which is what gave them the freedom to make all these DLC packs that they have over the years.

For the 1-3 (maybe more?) years that next gen consoles would be out before a GTA VI released, that means Rockstar would need to do something.

Cleaning up GTA V and re-releasing the Online game solely was Rockstar's best action at this point.

Now I certainly do hope that Rockstar cleans up GTA V Online. I don't want to deal with any of this crap:

-Nightclub not producing -Avenger armor bug -30 Second loading screen to go inside the Avenger hold from the cockpit -Stupid enemy aimbot -Stupid AI drivers -Stupid Cops AI -Godmode exploits -MKII nerfs (needs buzzard missiles at best. No reason it should have the missiles it has) – Higher capacity on special ammo – Fix Cargo sales bugs – Bunker needs a weapons bench, absolutely no reason it doesn't have one – Fix weapons bench bug (can't access it) – Fix property bugs. Sometimes players load into another player's property- i.e. in someone else's bunker/penthouse/ etc instead of their own – Enemy spawns need to be father away – Players should be eother ghosted or off the radar for about 5 seconds after spawning in, too much spawn camping in this game – Spawn points should either be farther/behimd cover of the killer – For some reason spawn points for PvP are close by, Spawns for business missions are far away – Businesses gotta be able to be ran in invite only/solo lobbies (no fucking legit reason they can't be) – Better crackdown on modders/exploiters – Fix the Humane Labs rebreather bug (no reason it hasn't been patched) – Use vehicles for their purpose- Let me transport cars in my Titan, Bombushka, etc

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That was a longer list than I thought it would be but it everything that came to mind when I thought of all the bugs/exploits/ otherwise stupid components in this game.


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