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So… i've went 100% completion… i intend not to use cheats until i get the mission "The last one".

After that… i can do whatever the heck i want to do.

But of course… i can't really focus too much reaching 100% and i want to screw around san andreas eventually, because jump stunts are annoying to finish.

So i went to vespucci beach to have a small walk and greet people around…

Here's what i find, some are good, some are just annoying

I walked along vespucci beach with Michael or Franklin, pressing E when passing a pedestrian, the passive pedestrian (the one who run away when provoked) will either greet back, or walk towards you and start talking (mostly ranting how screwed their life is) it's pretty much immersive. But when you greet neutral peds (tough guys, muscular guy, or the 'tai chi' guy). They will stop whatever they're doing, talk back (again, ranting about how screwed their life is) as normal, then turns hostile. WTF?

Oh, also… the fact that some peds will call the cops is realistic… But calling cops on them is not because i called the cops on hostile peds, you literally have to get punched in front of them just so they can take action. And they only arrive at the spot where you called them, not your current location, so calling them when driving is useless. They could implement a simple logic that if you called the cops, the cops attack any red blips on your radar (they're shoot-to-kill after all). And for realism sake, make the hostile NPC flee when called on.

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Next, played as franklin and walked around chamberlain hills, the families member greets franklin with his name "Hey my boy franklin!". But if you fight a random peds in their territory, instead of them defending franklin and shoot the attacker, the opposite happens, you get shot by your own gang. I know for the fact that the families attack cops chasing you, it was fun. But shooting a gun on the ballas ends up the families attacking you?

The families attack cops chasing you, but attack you when fighting someone else, maybe it's an oversight or something.

Next, a police chasing a criminal, the only thing you can do to help them is to ram the criminal car into full stop, but for the heck of 'epicness' just hit them as hard as possible until their car gets sent to mid air, you won't get a wanted level that way. If you bum… if the police bumps into you then a wanted star appears. If you kill the criminal you get wanted (except random event, the police are scripted)

Let's say you open fire in the middle of the woods (think of hunting minigame in the wilderness), you get… wanted? with a suppressor? if you're outside the minigame opening fire results in wanted level?

So, the alternative of having fun is

Get myself a tough car as Franklin, upgrade it… call the other two protagonist, Michael and Trevor in this case, and start a police chase. Let them shoot the cops down while you simply drive… The wanted star won't increase as long as you didn't retaliate.

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Or go to vespucci beach as Trevor and have Michael and Franklin accompany you, piss off some peds… then the other to will open fire, you won't get wanted star but the peds will run away.

Or call lamar, go to vespucci beach and piss off some peds. I love how Lamar insults when fist-fighting peds, but he's vulnerable because he's not carrying a gun, just fist.

Or use CHEATS… i'm not gonna' use cheats until i hit that last stranger and freaks.


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