Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

Every point on why GTA Online is horrendus to play.

Hello fellow redditors, i have been playing this game non stop since Epic Games gifted it. so, i will talk in every point i saw in this game that let me or my friends wanted to stop playing, dont take this as a harrass, but mostly as things rockstar could have made to improve the game.

Lets start from the basic.

  • Load Times: we timed how much time it takes to load from starting main menu to online, it tooks an average of 4-6 minutes if u go Single Player then Online, 6-8 if you go directly to online. like, this game bugs a lot and you HAVE to restart it or do tricky things like joing from social club in order to fix it. and this takes me to the second point.
  • Bugs: this game seems like a indie company made a fan made rockstar game in Bugs quality, like, freezes in lobbys, cant join friends, cant join heist, disconnects, game makes you load GTA V Single player a lot of times, cant quit a bugged lobby, and mother of god, heist like casino has A LOT of bugs, freezes picking up gold, freezes in the start that makes you restart your game, glitches in the vault. This game is so broken that if u stop picking up loot and re do it, it bugs and refill the thing like WTF?, how is this a thing?, and do you want to know how they solved it?, if you have 160k+ in loot it doesnt let you re-grab a loot.
  • Hackers: its not a surprise, hackers are everywhere, droping money, exploding people, god mode, changin weather, spawning vehicles, spawning things, disconnecting people, crashing the game, and the worst thing?, sometimes you have to RESTART your game in order to fix wath the hacker put in the map. (pd: and there are a few DANGEROUS hacks, one that makes your game change weather constantly from day to night with brigthness incrased, someone with epilepsy can have an attack from this. like mother of god.)
  • Heists: look, i am not a pro player, i like to tryhard games mostly in pve content, but this game has like less than 1 week worth of heist and "interesting" missions to do, and it was released 6 YEARS AGO. 5 normal heists, 3 final worlds and casino. thats all, and the better part, why i will re do any of them if casino gives you 1kk and the others gives like a maximum of 250k.
  • Grinding Money: Hey, do you want money?, okay, if you play with friends you can farm a lot of casino, and casino, and casino again, if not, prepare to deliver cars. and every passive money income is a waste of time except for bunker fully upgraded and buying supplies ever and of course you need 3 people to do them.
  • Difficulty: as i said, this game is NOT challenging at all, heist are SUPER easy, mostly if u already have a good vest and hp from level, the only one i had to restart was the last one of final world because it takes so long that you dont expect to run out of vests.
  • Stealth: stealth works so bad in this game, like you can be in front of a guy with 0 cover and if u are not in the vision cone you are ok, you can kill someone behind him and nothing happens, you can shoot a window and nothing happens, but its so clunky that sometimes your character moves horrendus, security cams works awfull too, you can run past them and everything is ok… sometimes. idk why GTA V doesnt learn from games like payday 2, why i will want to do a stealth mission in an awfull made stealth. there is a reason why everyone hates stealth casino, and it is because, why do that?, why waste your time with some stupid things like this.
  • Minigames the game: Wanna hack?, do this mini game that has 3-4 maximum patrons with every same answer. like, is not hard, is no something you learn to do, is something you learn from memory, thats not skill, thats simply stupid.
  • Rockstar Social club: when i started playing i thought it was because of the big wave of new people like me who were playing, 1 month after this service works horrendus still, at the moment i am writing this it is down.
  • PVP: i dont like pvp in this type of games, they are not made to be balanced and not has skill at all, but one thing is not being balanced, other is being stupidly broken, MK2 in a nutshell, forces you to buy things to counter it.
  • Player Base: who would think the average player base of this game is gonna be 8-18 years old kids, its stupid how horrendus the player base is, i know is a "chaotic" game, but like, one thing is being chaotic for a reason, other is being dumb, people killing some lvl 10 and shit talking like, oh yeah, is not like he installed the game today and you are lvl 150 with fully upgradeds weapons, vests, mk2, hydra, spamming ghost. you are clearly better than that guy.
  • Races: who would think a player base of kids would want to have a good race?, none, so neither do i expect it, joined a race, people crashing other purposely at the first corner because "wow its so funny to crash, it does boom XD" and lag doesnt help this a lot, the few people who knowed how to play properly lagged a lot and crashed because of it.
  • Arena War: hey do you know that kiddos like to crash cars, lets do a mode for them, okey but lets do they pay 4-5 millon worth of upgrades and car cost first in order to play fairly with people expended the same amount of money, and lets do the most boring mini games ever like a capture the flag where everyone spams bikes because crashing one with the lag the game has is impossible.
  • A reason to grind: and this is my last statement in this game, why do i ever want to play this?, i want to grind money for what?, a mk2 to kill kids?, a house that i will NEVER use, a car that i neither will use because i have a mk2 and stromberg to counter my same mk2.
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My TL;DR: if u want a heist-stealth game, go play payday 2, if you want a race game, you have a lot of games like dirt, if you want a pvp shooting game go play CSGO or if you want a more arcade expirience go play Fortnite or PUBG.

This game is not worth playing more than a few days, i played it because of problem with my network that doesnt let me play a lot of other games and this one was a waste of time, i cant belive rockstar does things so bad.


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