Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

GTA 5 is telling me I have more VRAM than I actually have..?

I'm on an Intel Graphics UHD 630 that runs the game fine.. until I travel across the map for too long. The game will start in optimal performance, a playable 60 FPS, but once I travel around the map a bit it starts stuttering like crazy. I thought it was a memory leak, seeing as it was taking crazy amounts of RAM on my 8 GB, but it kinda wasn't.

Looking at graphics, the game says I have 4028 mb of VRAM. I don't though. Because of this, I believe this is the issue that causes the game to "over-perform" and start caching more textures than my PC can handle. Which is why after travelling around a bit, the game starts to stutter and freeze.

I had a similar problem on GTA 4, except instead of it telling me I had more VRAM than I actually did, it would just flatout say I had 122 mb – rendering the game unplayable as even on all low, it still wouldn't go under the 122 mb – but for some reason, the game was still playable, just with awful pop-in because textures weren't caching at all to make up for the lack of vram.

The easy fix to this was to use a commandline script with 2 things:

-nomemrestrict -availablevidmem 10

And it bumped my VRAM up to 700ish, and my game is completely playable. Me, thinking that this would FIX my GTA 5, well, it did absolutely nothing and I don't even think Rockstar gave these settings compatibility for GTA 5 (which is stupid if you ask me) no matter how hard you tweak the vid mem number.

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So what exactly can I do? Really all I'm trying to do is edit the amount of VRAM GTA 5 thinks I have. If I can successfully do that and the game runs better, great. If not, bummer, then I was wrong – it has to be something else.

Before someone asks, yes I'm on the latest drivers, yes I tried virtual memory (which isn't optimal either due to me being on an HDD) and yes I restarted my PC after both.


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