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GTA 6 Concept Idea + Online Concepts (bit of a long read)

Heres a bit of a concept for GTA ive been thinking about alot recently.

**General Idea:**

This GTA would be set in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia as I believe, if the work was put in by the developers, this city could be made to scale in a actual game. For those who are not familiar with it, the Gold Coast is a beach side city with man made venice-like rivers sprawling throughout it. If this city was chosen for the new GTA it would have to include alot of new water vehicles as that is a popular method of transport in the Gold Coast.

This map would most likely be 4x the size of the GTA 5 map if it was made to scale which we know is somewhat plausable because RDR2's map was 2x the size of GTA 5. This map would also include the feature to access/sneak into almost/nearly every building in the game. Obviously textures would have to be reused in order to save space.

The Gold Coast in real life is a city with sky scrapers, rich neighbour hoods, poor neighbourhoods, middle class areas, mountain ranges (these are called the Gold Coast Hinterlands), a city on the beach with nightclubs, trams that run throughout the city, trains, a bustling night life, alot of parties and a avid drug scene. This is why i believe this would a suitable city for a crime game.


In the story you would play as a 17 year old Australian Boy who lives with his Mum alone as his parents were divorced (this will be explored later). He lives in a lower class tower in the city in a bit of a lower class area.

Im not sure what the characters name would be but im thinking something like Louis Williamson or Luke Campbell. I think that this game should only have one playable character unlike gta 5 where you could constantly switch between 3 people in different areas. However, if there was going to be switchable characters i would only make it 2.

You would start as guy who just finished highschool and running low on money as his Mum wants him to leave her apartment. He would have an Abboriginal friend (hes only Abboriginal so the game seems inclusive i guess idk) whos from highschool who takes drugs although our protagonist doesnt often take drugs. At the start of the game we would travel to our friends house where we would take some sort of light drug (idk honestly). Whilst high our friend would propose us with the idea to rob a house. Our protagonist reluctantly agrees. When robbing a house it would be tense as you could be robbing it at night or with the person inside so you would have to stealth around the house).

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Throughout the story we progress more into the crime life. This could lead to constantly sneaking into houses, jacking cars, drug dealing e.t.c. Throughout the game you struggle to gain money starting with $45 in your bank account. As you gain more respect in the criminal community you evantually gain alliance with a local gang leader (this could be a reoccuring character like Martin Madrazzo or Miguel Madrazzo or just another person with the Madrazzo last name but not sure what they'll be doing in Australia).

Somewhere in the game our protagonist would meet an older Jimmy DeSanta from GTA 5. Jimmy would be our equivelant of Lester and have some sort of beef with our gang leader. This would be an interesting story dynamic as you would have to juggle the relationship with Jimmy and the gang leader. Ive forgotten that your friend is also with you through the entire game. And later throughout the story mode there would be a mission where Jimmy mentions he has a rival hacker back in Los Santos and requests us to go his house and steal some sort of document or file idk. This mission would be alot like going to back to Liberty city like CJ in GTA San Andreas. However as you approach the house reoccuring players would recognise the house as Lester Crests house from GTA 5. As you and your friend are guided around the house, Lesters comes out of the darkness and pulls a gun to the back of your head (idk i just feel like there needed to be more significance in this mission i guess).

So whatever fill in the blanks, but one of the last missions is raiding a skyscraper in the city, your gang leader sends you here with the insentive that you'll potentionally find out who your father is. Blah Blah Blah some cool stuff happens then it is revealed to you that Niko Bellic is your father who had you when he was 26 he had some sort of relationship with your mother however your mum never revealed who your father was, this would later be revealed as you confront your mum and she tells you that she was scared you were gonna connect with him and begin a life of crime which she is against (throughout the game you hide your criminal activities from your mum). And thats the end of the campaigne.

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Obviously there are alot of holes to fill but if the game was made the devs can do that. I mentioned earlier that if you could play as multiple characters there would only be 2 playable characters, obviously if they did this the other character would be the friend but i cant be asked to make back story about him.

**Online Ideas:**

– In online and offline you would be able to: play tennis, go drag racing, go fishing, play basketball, play cricket and other activities – You would be able to sky dive – Your online character would no longer have no voice, when customising your character you'll be able to change your voice from a variety of male and female voice actors as well as changing the pitch slightly – The Campaign and online would be both set in 2021 – The radio would have Aus Drill station, Aus hip hop, pop station, Us Rap, Rock station, country station, dance station and a classical music station (why tf not).

– You would be able to do heists, like raiding a bank, a tower, a private security company, a submarine heist, raiding government building heist, as well as raiding the local army base. Just like in gta 5, you could do jobs, however you could rob a house for some money.

Money in Online mode as well as story mode would be more scarce then before as we constantly struggle to make money. Having the cops on you should be more of a threat then before. You would be able to get 6 stars on you, which the army would begin to see you as a national threat. However once you escape the police there will be a warrant for your arrest so youll have to be more careful about commiting a crime and random pedestrians could snitch you out if they recognise you.

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Obviously getting guns in Australia is alot more difficult then in America so for the story you would mostly rely on shanks or maybe a pistol however you would have to earn a significant amount of many. Ars and snipers would be available at a much higher price as you would have to steal them, buy them illegally or grind and get a warrant in game.

There will also be no shark cards and grinding for money would be less tedious and more rewarding.

If theres any suggestions please tell me them, thanks.


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