Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

GTA V not launching on one PC – weirdest problem ever, I know the forums are full of these but I haven’t found this exact case anywhere.

Hi all,

I know "GTA V not launching" is a hot topic ever since the game was released, I've encountered issues with this game in the past and fixed it every time, I work as a software dev for f***ssake, but this time I'm so far unsuccessful.

I have the Rockstar Launcher version of the game.

I have 2 computers, my main desktop rig and my laptop. Both of them have GTA V installed. It all started when one day I tried to launch GTA V, and on both systems I got the 7002.1 error. But, even with that error, it started up.

Since then, the game does work on my laptop, but on my desktop PC whenever I click the 'Play' button of GTA V in Rockstar Launcher, nothing happens, the play button fades as if it's doing something, but in about 10 seconds the play button just comes back and it starts all over again. Neither does anything happen if I launch the game from its' icon, then the 'loading' button is shown in Rockstar Launcher but nothing happens.

So the symptoms:

– Game works on my laptop- Game doesn't work on my main rig. However I try to launch it, the process doesn't even start, GTAV.exe doesn't even show up for a moment in task manager. Literally nothing happens.

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What I tried:

– Uninstalling Rockstar Launcher and GTA V completely, deleting all loose files from AppData, ProgramData and Program Files, also deleting some leftover registry entries in "HKLM/Software/Wow6432Node/Rockstar Games", then reinstalling the launcher and GTA V. Same problem.- Reinstalling the whole damn computer from scratch, formatted all SSDs, basically a full clean install of Windows 10 + all the latest drivers. To no avail.- Installing every single available VCRedist package and DirectX version.-Uninstalling it also from my laptop and my desktop, and installing it just on my desktop.

At this point, I am quite hopeless. Sure, it works on my laptop, but my laptop is an old Lenovo Y50 with a GTX 860M while my desktop is a powerful new-ish rig with an RTX 3070 so of course I'm fed up with having to play GTA Online on the old laptop even when I'm at home.

I'm suspecting it may be a profile-related issue at this point as the whole PC was completely wiped and reinstalled. I have even tried to put my old GPU, an AMD RX 480 8GB in place of the RTX 3070 but that was also pointless.

Do you know of any way Rockstar might have blocked my rig from running the game, or is there some other program that can conflict with GTA V this way?

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What I currently have installed:Steam / Skyrim SE, Cyberpunk2077Origin / FIFA 21, Worms W.M.DRockstar Launcher / GTA V, GTA IV (IV runs fine)Visual Studio Community 2019, Blend for Visual Studio, and some other basic apps like Notepad++, Directory Opus, Spotify and of course, drivers for my hardware.

My PC's specs (although that should not be a problem):-ASRock B450M Steel Legend-AMD Ryzen 5 3600 + Cooler Master ML120 AIO-2x16GB Patriot Viper DDR4 3200MHz-MSI RTX 3070-Storage: boot drive: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB NVMe storage1: Intenso 1TB 2,5" SSD (GTA V and Rockstar Launcher are installed on this drive, but putting them on another drive was already tried and solved nothing) storage2: Kingston A400 480GB 2,5" SSD

Any help is very much welcome, I am fully bamboozled at this point.


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