Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

How can people still enjoy GTAO ?

Haven't touched this game in a year, started playing a week or two ago and I'm already on the verge of giving up. I don't understand how Rockstar allows itself to give us something this bad and asks for money after that. How can people enjoy playing this game ?

At least 1/4 of all the players on this game are modders using K*dd*on's menu. All they do is teleport to you, and chainkill you while using godmode. If they're not killing you they'll be killing someone else and eventually the whole chat will be in a"F*ck you" mode where all they want is kick that guy, but can't because more than half of the people connected doesnt even understand basic english, know how to kick or simply don't care because they haven't been annoyed yet.

Those who aren't using K*dd*on's menu are using paid ones. They can crash your game whenever they want, follow you wherever you go, they can put props on your character that are impossible to remove without mods (or restarting your game), lock you inside a metallic box, make your character stuck in place unable to drive (or simply walk, you have to sprint+jump and get a weird animation), give you a bounty 24/7 so you can't go passive and many other stupid things. The only way to get rid of these guys/kids ? Use the same stuff as them and enjoy the risk of being banned.

Modders aside, you get phonecalls. Lester calls you nearly 24/7 everytime you join a new session, and asks you to do one of his heists. It doesnt matter which one or how long you've been doing them, you always get them. And if you don't buy a specific building, he will complain too.

English Dave has UNSKIPPABLE phone calls. If you get a single one of them, you can't do anything. You can't jump, you can't aim, you can't shoot, you can't suicide using the menu. You can't even pause sometimes. All you can do is exit your vehicle or jump off a cliff. Moodyman is similar but treats you like dog sh*t, at least you can skip his phonecalls. And yes I know that "all you have to do to get rid of them is to do their missions". But this isn't how it should works.

By the way, that phone is awful to use. Calling a Mechanic or Mors Insurance take ages. You have to scroll trough a 20 persons long list, including player this can goes up to 40 easily. And they are right in the MIDDLE. So even if you're fast, using shortcuts like the left key instead of pressing down 20 times, it takes you at least 10 seconds to do that (Open your phone, go to the call menu, scroll down 20 times with the slow animation "because its an OLD phone" then call the specific person). And finally you have to wait 5-10 seconds for the guy the answer. Sure, it's "realistic". But it's a pain in the ass to use.

The Online also "offers" 30 mins of unskippable missions related to the Cayo Heist that you cannot avoid. You cannot use your RC Vehicles during that moment, and of course R* will put some music that'll run non-stop until the mission ends. Same goes for all the random "competitions" (e.g fly upside down, close to the ground, do a wheelie as long as you can etc..) that always starts when you don't need them. They MAY be "fun" to do, but nobody is interested in a 7-10k reward when the same amount of time spent in Cayo Perico gives you (more or less) 1500x more cash.

Also, the interaction menu. Who the hell thought it was a good idea to make a menu like this ? You need to buy some ammo, you have to press so many buttons just to get to your desired weapon. You wanna change your hat, glasses, gloves, or put a mask ? Enjoy PAIN. You have to scroll trough EVERY (and I mean it) f*cking item you own before finding the one you want. And obviously because if you play long enough you end up with a lot of them, you'll want to scroll fast and you'll often miss the item you wanna wear. So you're going a second time trough that list. Great fun.

Same goes for changing your action. Just met somehow and wanna show you're friendly ? Enjoy wasting 30 seconds swiping trough every existing action before eventually finding the correct one. Then you have to do it the way you want (short, long or "special"), and of course it's not pratical at all.

You need to eat food ? Enjoy watching your character eating EACH item you need unless you're running or in a vehicle. You need some armor ? Enjoy having only 10 of them while the game shows every other one that exists even if you will never use them (eg every one that isn't heavy armor).

All they had to do was to use different menus (A "favorites" menu, a weapons menu, an action menu, outfit menu etc).. But no, they merged everything in a single, awful one.

I could also talk about the cashcow system the game currently is. Or the sci-fi stuff people always complain about for a valid reason. Or the E&E version that becomes a meme like just Skyrim, Skyrim LE and Skyrim SE where nothing really changes except its name. And many other things. But it's a waste of time as nearly everyone knows how messy everything is.

TLDR : The game is a STUPID mess and R* doesnt care.

In all honesty, after all these years how can people still enjoy this game ?


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