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I think city MC businesses are the better locations. Here is why. (In depth)

Content of the article: "I think city MC businesses are the better locations. Here is why. (In depth)"

The kids of gtao subreddit deleted my post so I am posting here to hopefully give someone searching on google some good information.

Before we start just letting you know I currently have meth cash and coke in sandy and weed in city I am buying doc forgery in city and switching my other ones.

So most people reccomend sandy shores locations which I to some extent agree with. It is not as good as the city ones in my opinion and I will tell you why.

So for certain sell missions certain things are better.

Here are the sell missions that are better from my testing.

Delivery truck: City (All Except cash)

Motorcycles: City (ALL)

Garbage: (Sandy but just for cash and meth)

Post op vans: Same as garbage truck. (I personally play solo so I just find new session if I get this but I have seen the drop locations in other sales)

Helicopters: Sandy (But it isn't much of a difference this one doesn't matter too much you are flying a helicopter)

Plane: City (I'll go into more detail soon)

Boats: Sandy (A little more detail in a minute)

So let's go into some more detail here.

Delivery Truck

I have found that the Blaine county drop off is closer to all of the business except cash. Meth it is about the same either way too little difference to matter. The other ones towards the top of the city (I include doc forgery as towards top of city) are all very close to it.


Now with these my furthest drop was up by the vineyards Wich as long as you know what shortcut to take is close than any sandy business to bottom of LSIA. All other drops were VERY close to my weed and I got there so much faster.

Garbage truck

The drop off points here are kinda far but not too far. I am mainly talking about first drop point. Coke is better in city because it is in a better location in the city than it is in sandy. Second best in city. Third best in sandy. Plus the hills are better but I'll get into that towards the end.

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Post op

Same as garbage truck in terms of which is better but If I didn't do solo sales I would prefer city no matter what (except for maybe meth) and I'll explain why at the end.


Now the helicopter mission is better at sandy, however this doesn't matter much. It is not much better. The advantage is the drops are slightly closer


Now from my experience, planes is VERY rare and I only get it on the rare time I play with friends. Now the drops are actually at slightly further points in the city however this mission is indeed better with the city location. Meth it will take a long time to get to the planes but using opp mk2 or anything flying that does not matter. Plus meth will take a while in sandy as well to get to planes and helicopters however it is closer to helicopters in the city. Now once you are in the planes the drops are near palato bay, but they are all in the ocean. This means you can stay low to ground with no worries at all. When selling from sandy sometimes drops can be very close to the docks or in the resovoir which is hard to stay low in. However they are ALL in the ocean in palato bay because there is no lake there. (NONE ARE EVER IN ALAMO SEE FORM MY TESTING). This might not make planes take less time but it will be an easier mission and either way it can be done solo and is probably a 1 minute difference in total. But it can make it take less time because you might get cops selling to city which prevents you form making drops and calling Lester takes time and is annoying.

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Boats is not a common mission however this one is fully better with sandy. However is is the Keats common one so I feel this as bro a big deal. It also does not take long no matter what.


Now I mentioned hills a few times and this is a BIG one for 3 sell missions. Garbage trucks, post op vans, and delivery truck. (That last one won't matter as much as you don't need to go over hills for meth weed and document forgery). No one and I mean NO ONE like hills, no matter what. But keep in mind selling to city the hills you are going up are steep and NOT PAVED. However you are going over paved road hills in the city. One time I got a garbage truck stuck because I went too far right going up the hill. It is harder to get stuck going down these hills. Now there is a trade-off here. The city roads have traffic and it can be annoying to go up hills with traffic. However, these hills are not steep and if you are a good driver it is easy to avoid traffic. Plus at no point are you extremely likely to get stuck on this road, it will just be a minor inconvenience.


This is important and is a big selling point of the city ones. When you want to sell businesses you have to make less of a trip if you have them in the city. Also if you get a raid it is easier to complete because you will probably be on the city at the time making it so you can get there quicker and lake less product. Now the sandy shores ones have an advantage here as well. The best three ones are clos rot each other making them easier to check and ressuply and the other two are far away from those yet close to each other. Now you might think this is a big one and it is but this point does not matter if you own the MCT in the arcade as it is all right there. SIDE NOTE: DON'T SELL FROM MCT!



So overall, from my testing, every sell mission except for boats and kind of helicopters are better in the city than in sandy. My testing may be incorrect, but at least with what missions I get for what businesses, the city ones will work for me and I would like you to take my advice into consideration. No one has to follow this but I will be and will have all businesses in the city ASAP. Thanks for reading this and have a great day!


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