Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

Increasing Franklin’s Flying + Spawning Helicopters

This will be marked as spoiler for brand new players because things like unlockable features like Trevor and Flight School are mentioned. I've played GTA V on Xbox 360 when it first came out during 2013. I beat the game and everything back then. I bought the Xbox One version of the game in 2016 to continue playing GTA Online and didn't replay the single player offline story mode until a few days ago. I didn't start any missions after my return. Things like clothes stores are still locked. The last missions that were completed were Prologue & Franklin and Lamar. I only have accessed to Franklin & my Online character based on my progress.

Every skill is maxed out for Franklin except for flying now. There is an airplane used for Stunt Plane Time Trial on Trevor's Runway, south of Sandy Shores. If I fly too far off the course, it will fail me for abandoning it because I don't want to do that challenge at this time. I did some researching for helicopter spawn locations. These helicopters never spawn once. Even driving away and returning doesn't work. This is also the case when I go to the airport to look for flyable airplanes. I can call for a blimp to fly in. I was flying low in the blimp to look for helicopters but they're still not spawning on the H Pads.

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I don't even know if blimps can increase the flying skill at all because It seems to be not increasing the bar. Apparently flying for 10 minutes increases the skill by 1%. It seems like it can take over 16 hours of flying because that's 1000 minutes to 100% the bar. Also completing the following training at the Flying School increases this skill by 3% for Gold, 2% for Silver and 1% for Bronze: Training take off, Runway landing, Inverted flight, Knife flight, Flat hatting, Loop the loop, Sky diving, Drop zone. If I remember correctly, The San Andreas Flight School will be unlocked after Trevor's first flying mission sometime after he is unlocked as the last playable character in the story. The flight school program was the best way to increase the stat for my Xbox 360 playthrough.

How do I increase the flying stat as Franklin during the early game? It appears the only way to do so is to make story progress but I rather continue the story after I maxed out the skill. I'm convinced these helicopters and the airplanes aren't spawning because of my story progress too. Why do they never spawn??? Can the blimp actually increase the skill??? I feel like helicopters and planes would increase it way faster than it. It seems like my bar isn't increasing with it. I've been flying the blimp before and during the typing of this whole post. Should I just do the Stunt Plane Time Trial and complete those challenges to increase it? Can the time trial actually increase it? What should I do? Just continue the story instead?

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EDIT: I have played as Franklin for 20 hours & 25 minutes as of right now.

Additional information: Also completing the following training at the Flying School increases this skill by 5% for Gold, 3% for Silver and 2% for Bronze: Touch down, Helicopter course. Completing the Helicopter speed run training increases the stats by 6%/4%/3%.


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