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Is Rockstar ripping us off?

Content of the article: "Is Rockstar ripping us off?"

so about 2 months ago I logged back onto my Gta 5 online account and started playing again, I am currently level 118 and I've bought all the MC businesses. I've fully upgraded all of my business except for the security upgrades. my cocaine lock up used to make me around 126k for 1 out of 5 bars of supplies. I would usually buy supplies for 75k as told too in most Gta business guides on youtube. Also my counterfeit cash business used to make me around 146k for 1 out of 5 bars of supplies but recently it stopped making me that much out of nowhere. Keep in mind that I have both equipment and staff upgrades for all my businesses that includes cocaine and counterfeit cash. But now I only make 58k for 1 out of 5 bars of supplies for my cocaine lock up and 66k for 1 out of 5 bars for my counterfeit cash and this has happened to all my other MC businesses which means that if I buy supplies for any of my MC businesses for 75k I'll actually lose money and also keep in mind that i always sell to los santos therefore selling my produce to the highest bidder. And stealing supplies would be totally useless when I could easily make more money from my cargo and vehicle warehouse businesses in the amount of time i would waste stealing supplies not only this but my bunker used to make 420k just by selling 1 bar of supplies to los santos but now only makes around 210k which is still making money so i am not complaining about my bunker but can anyone tell me please why is this happening??? i really don't think Rockstar would make this the new selling price for any of the MC businesses cause now there all completely useless and dont make me any money. I'm kinda pissed off because i spent millions of dollars and a lot of time on getting the neccesary amount of money to purchase all of the MC businesses and there upgrades just to in the end completely stop making anywhere near a fair amount of money. So I dont believe Rockstar would do this is anyone else having the same issue???!?!? is this some sort of glitch can I stop it from happening? plz someone help me!! I play on PS4 and my account is named Voidd_killerr plz either message me on there with info or comment and message me on here!!

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