Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

I’ve made 3 mill in 2 days with minimal requirements. Can be done with VIP Status but you will need 50k. *Meant for new/poor or just bored players*

My method of making money for this week only: (2 players max can be done with 1 player) Requirements: (CEO office, Vehicle cargo Warehouse, and lots of guns. Also probably need about 50k already In the bank.) Easiest way to make money rn is doing headhunter and then point to point. Then you sell a top range vehicle while the timers are on cool down. You make about a mill every 3.2 hours. If you only do headhunter and point to point you’re getting 800k every 3 hours. Headhunter gives 44k and point to point makes you 20k (share the money 50/50 with whatever friend you’re doing it with. LET THE CEO WIN EVERY TIME) makes you 54k every 10 mins. Selling top range vehicle while you kick your friend out of the associates thing makes you 80k in 7 mins. Both of you can sell at the same time. I’ve made millions in 1 day. I made like 500k super easily. It’s very tedious and it gets boring but the reward outweighs the boredom. You can do this solo and do headhunter and then sell a vehicle but it will take more time to sell. I get in solo public lobbies (PS4) by pressing new session until I’m in an empty server. For Xbox you just have to test your NAT type and it kicks everyone but you. Then do your headhunter missions over and over. I use the Deluxo to kill the targets. Having a friend helps if you don’t have a fast weaponized car. It takes me about 4mins and 30seconds to kill all targets in the deluxo. Headhunter is the FASTEST way to make money rn. Also salvage missions if you do them solo can get you 83k and you can split the money with your friend. But a diving suit if you’re gonna do the Salvage mission. Sorry if it was hard to understand but this CAN be done solo. Also if you don’t have the Warehouse then just grind headhunter and maybe manage some other businesses at the same time. You have 10mins before headhunter is active again.

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