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Millionaires’ Row | Serious RP | New server!

Content of the article: "Millionaires’ Row | Serious RP | New server!"

May i invite you to a brand new FiveM community built from scratch by very few. Presenting
Millionaires' Row RP.

  • Server name – Millionaires Row RP
  • Our Discord server
  • FiveM Server IP – Coming soon!
  • Description – A Miami based serious role play community that anyone can join and feel welcome and more importantly enjoy themselves, we aim to keep the role play within our server entertaining for all and for everyone to be treat equally. We take pride in the quality of our community and we aim for Millionaires' Row to be a place everyone feels they can stay, with a respectful, unbiased management team we hope people will notice the effort put in on all sides and appreciate what we are trying to build up. Millionaires' Row is a drama free server with strict punishments on any kind of bullying/ community disrespect. We are taking all suggestions into account and hoping that our amazing team can fulfil any and all of your needs during your stay and we hope you grow attached and build a strong relationship with others in the community! We are a brand new server as of 20/08/2020 and are currently recruiting in all departments feel free to message me in the discord linked above if interested in any of our open positions, all application info is also listed in the discord.

Here are just a few of many features within Millionaires' Row RP

  • Custom framework
  • Whitelisted jobs such as PD/EMS/Mechanic and more!
  • Import dealership with the highest quality custom cars
  • Active management team
  • Legal jobs, taxi, trucking, courier and much more
  • Drugs (cocaine, weed, meth, moonshine)
  • Economy based with serious RP
  • Fully working apartments with interiors/inventories/ wardrobe
  • Shared storage for official gangs such as, warehouses, containers.
  • Bank/ Store robberies/ Jewellery heist
  • A community growing by the second!
  • 32 slots until the community grows!
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Current Staff Members:

Founders: T.K

Senior Management: Rhaenys, Tank Engine



Game Developers: Eraser

Helpers: Nook

What makes us different from other servers?

Our management team is what makes us different from all other FiveM communities. We are upfront and honest about everything and enforce the rules when needed. There is no space for disrespect/ toxicity here. We also have a very hard working Developer who is working almost every minute he is awake to get the server as close to perfect as possible. Also unlike other communities we allow self promotion of streams/ youtube channels whether it be for FiveM or any other game. The only thing we dont allow in that sense is promotion of other FiveM servers.

Here at Millionaires' Row RP we do NOT have an age requirment but maturity will effect you when applying for our whitelisted jobs especially for PD/ EMS and Mechanic.

Once again, i thank you for even considering to visit Millionaires' Row. My objective as community Founder/ project lead is to create a platform where people can express their creativity and form long lasting friendships both in RP and outside of RP.

We aim to grow over time and we know that as long as we keep up the work we are all putting in that the server will grow. The Server is expected to be up at the very latest the upcoming weekend and i hope to see you all there!

Once again here is a link to our discord, come along and bring your friends <3 –

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