Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

Problem with GTA5 launcher

Hello all, I'd like to start this out by saying I've posted this problem to r/GTA and got not replies, so I'm gonna post it here in hopes of anyone helping, but if this isn't the right sub for it plz direct me to the appropriate one.

That being said, heres my issue:

I got GTA 5 while it was free on the epic games store, I had to use a vpn to do so because it was not available in my region. After downloading it and setting up everything, I launch the game, it launches the Rockstar launcher and says "offline mode:connection could not be established", so I reset my router, my pc, and do the "delete social club file" fix, and nothing worked. The fix I found was to use a VPN to launch the game, and that worked, but I cant always use a VPN to play because I'd have very bad ping and that would defeat the whole purpose.(also I couldnt find any truly free VPN softwares, all of them claim to be free and end up being a trial)

So I leave it at that, the week after I'm at a friends house and i launch it, it works perfectly and I'm in GTA online, amazing. I thought hmm maybe it fixed itself i guess, i go back home and try to launch it, same problem. My guess is it has something to do with my IP address? Maybe because i used a vpn on this ip it blacklisted it?(I'm not that experienced with ip addresses so plz excuse my inexperience).

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Anyway, I decide ok I can just play the singleplayer, but the weird thing is, if I dont have a "connection established" sign on my rockstar launcher, the game itself doesnt launch, so I need internet to play the singleplayer mode(which in my opinion is very stupid).

Anyways, I've tried every solution i could find but to no avail, so can anyone please explain to me what the problem might be, and if theres a possible fix?

Thank you for reading the whole thing, and thanks in advance to amy replies <3


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