Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

Quirky Activities for a Limitless Sandbox

Nobody asked, but I thought I'd share some of the 'titled' activities my friends and I get up to in GTAV when we get bored of heisting and grinding missions.

Hey, you guys wanna run "Fight Club?"

Pretty self explanatory. Roll up with your shirts off and your tats out, and throw hands 1v1 while your friends (or strangers who happen by and decided not to grief) stand around and watch. Get a van and cruise around the city with your bois looking for alleys, rooftops, or other points of interest that can serve as an impromptu ring and then take turns duking it out!

"Party Bus" anyone?

Steal some public transportation and see how many random players you can pick up before one of them inevitably blows you up. If you manage to get a solid amount of participants without turning into a rolling crematorium, pull everybody up to a gang attack or other POI as an unstoppable conglomerate, or invite them along to Fight Club!

Who's down for "Park Hunting?"

There are several interesting skate parks with ramps and half pipes sporadically placed around Los Santos. Grab your buddies, and some BMX bikes, and go find them! Hit those jumps and grinds like you're sponsored by red bull! Once you find and horse around at each of the actual parks, expand your search to parking garages, construction sites, or any other place you can turn into a playground for you and your bicycles.

Anyone up for "Peace Tank?"

Call in two or three Rhino Tanks and look for people who are shopping for clothes. Roll up with your bois and park outside. Sit patiently and wait for the casual shopper to exit. They will see you on the map and will be terrified for the entirety of their shopping experience, looking for any way of escape until they give up and resign themselves to their fate. Except when they exit, rather than blow them up, you and your crew are standing atop your tanks, saluting the stranger proudly with your left hands until they move along. Then mount up and repeat until satisfied.

Can I interest you guys in "Chiliad MX?"

Get everyone in your group an unmodded Sanchez so nobody flings themselves too far ahead or behind, and dirt bike along the paths leading up Mount Chiliad. Doesn't have to be a race, just enjoy the ride and the scenery, and laugh at your friends when they inadvertently fly off the edge of a cliff and tumble to their doom. For added spice climb the mountain on the Scorcher Bicycle, and then ride back down, or jump from the gondola and parachute down to the logging camp. There are countless other dirt trails around the other mountains and valleys you can zip around. Definitely worth checking out! Pro Tip: If you wanna do this but don't want the hassle of buying a bike/dirt bike and having to lug it the whole way out to the mountain, go into the map creator and just make a race up and/or down Chiliad.

Let's go "Cliff Diving."

Another self-explanatory activity. Don some swim trunks and head to the waterfall in the canyon beneath the train bridge. It's just short enough to dive off of, aesthetically pleasing, and you can shoot the shit with your pals. Also you can sneakily place a remote detonator on the edge of the cliff to annihilate them when they are about jump. All in all, more fun than it seems and rather chill for a game usually containing so much mayhem.

Anyways, maybe this is useless to you, or maybe this can inspire an extra few hours of fun for you and your friends. Either way, have fun out there in the Sandbox!


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