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Technical issue: GTA 100% disc usage, but bit weirder than usual

Content of the article: "Technical issue: GTA 100% disc usage, but bit weirder than usual"

Greetings peeps. I've been loking for last 3-4 days for any sollution for my problem, but I didn't find any that would work for me.

I have a freshly bought PC, it's less than 1 month old. I've installed GTA V to play Online with friends and to redo Story mode once again on much better graphics settings. Every thing was working fine for about a week, but recently I've started experiencing game freezes. They happen every 15 minutes to 1 hour, lasting few seconds, usually ending after alt+tab. I've been looking on the internet for a sollution, but as of now nothing seems to be working or is not realted to my case.

I've noticed, that when freezes happen my disc usage in task manager rises form 1% to 100% and goes back to 1% after alt+tab (not always). I'm using 500GB SSD disc, on which there are like 4 games instaleld, so there is over 300GB of free disc space still available. It's a disc "D", because on "C" I'm keeping only system files. It's not a memory related issue, i have 16GB of RAM and game uses up to 8GB (totaling at 12GB usage when firefox and windows defender is on), also it's not a VRAM issue, I'm using 3,7 GB from 8 available on my Nvidia 2060 Super.Most sollutions, like disabling windows search bar, reinstalling game etc. didn't help at all or helped for like few hours.

I've also tested other games installed on same disc, namely NFS Heat – when game is on, my VRAM and CPU usage is much higher, sometimes disc usage also gets to a 100%, but it doesn't cause any stutter at all.

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I've pretty much run out of options, I have no idea what's causing said issue. It all started after one day my animation of getting into a car in Story mode didn't play, after that freezes started to appear throughout the game, even when i'm driving slowly on a road, on which I've been few minutes befroe, therefore all assets should be "remembered" by a hardware.

Please, tell me that there's anyone here, who can help me find a working sollution. Thanks a lot.


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