Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)

The Doomsday Heist Finale : A Rollercoaster To Hell

I am writing this the next morning and have lost all faith in humanity… This is a rant but what you will hear is a tale of frustration, crying, betrayal, and the comradery between a group of three friends (who I can trust my firstborn with now) who decided to complete the Doomsday heist at hard difficulty at 2:30 a.m. . Little did they know about the horrors that await them for the next two and a half hours.

This is a Plea to anyone who tries this, Don't do it… It is not worth it.

Let's get started with the setups, Me and my homies had been playing GTA for 5 hours, doing the casino missions (which were amazing, worth trying). After completing them our morale was sky high so we agreed to finish the Doomsday Heist that we had been ignoring for months. I go into my facility at midnight of a new month and opened the setup menu. First rant, why can't they let us do our preps in private lobbies, how much do you want people to suffer and just buy shark cards in the end. I wasn't having any of this bs and straight-up bought them. After this, Things went well for once, You could call it the calm before the storm, Setups were the only thing I remember going well.

After two hours, give or take, of setups and half a million down the drain(thanks preps) we were ready… A Full inventory of snacks, armor, and ammo. Nothing was gonna stop us we thought… Oh, how naive were we.

Spoilers For The Finale Below
(Still don't recommend playing it)

Started the heist Finale at hard(it's an unwritten rule between us three to always choose hard difficulty) … Got into our cars and headed to Khanjali was parked… Entered the mountain through a tunnel .we were in awe at the start. It was so much fun to delete clones, A.I or whatever they are from inside the comfort of a multi-million dollar Rail gun Tank.

It was going swimmingly until… They made us ditch the tank… I paid 100k for that prep and completed the setup for it to drive just half a mile…Can you find any sense in that cus I surely don't.

What can we do, we get out and go on foot. The first door we kill the enemies and heal ourselves, Standard affair, then the next door, That big chungus A.I machine gunner shows up, took some time but we get him with our widowmakers, but health is low and before I could heal myself I get wasted. First fail, oh well it was never bound to be that easy we thought

Second-time same thing, and the third, and you guessed it, the same thing happened 4 times before we could get into the supplies room, where the holy devs have thought about us plebians and put some camouflaged fuel canisters at aim height… You see where this is going. My guy, let's call him Danny, shoots one bullet and hits the canister in front of him… One bullet was all it took for our spirits to break. It was 3 a.m. and sleep was becoming a concern… We thought about quitting it but no one wanted to sleep knowing they couldn't complete a mission. We kept going and going… But to no avail…

The supply room was too big for us to check all the corners and one stray headshot cud end it all for us… It took us 10 more tries to destroy the supplies. We were overjoyed would be an understatement… But this wasn't over… We healed up ourselves and noticed that our snacks and armor supply were only gonna last two more fights. We carefully cleared each corner while going towards the silos, watching each other's backs. Then came the final stretch and in front of us… Two big Chunguses…

It was an all-out war… We used all our snacks and armors on them and used every tactic that we knew to finally kill them… The end was near… After an hour of this… We could see the yellow marker, We ran towards it, emotions running high, it was within grasp… But out of nowhere.

A fuel canister exploded killing me and ending the mission…..

I was in disbelief, I was there, I could touch it with my hands, all gone in one flash, I had 59 kills, all gone…

They couldn't have given us a checkpoint after destroying the supplies… They sent us back to the Khanjali. An hour of progress gone in an instant… I never want to go through that agony again…

But we couldn't stop now, it was possible but now we had a problem…

No snacks or armor.

I'll spare you the details but we did it again in the next 20mins and this time we got to the checkpoint and entered the server farm… The home stretch.

In this, Our problem wasn't the quality of the enemies but the quantity. We went to the first hack using covers and killing everyone. I started the hack, Now listen, the hacks in the Doomsday Heist are by far the worst hacks I have seen in my six years of playing this game. Not only that but after completing the hack, The game thinks it would be fun to spawn 50 enemies at the same time… Seems bad?… Now repeat it 4 times… Every run we were dying at the second to last hack point. It was 4 in the morning, we started at 2 and every death was eating us up from the inside.

But we couldn't stop, not after coming this far.

We repeated the same thing more than ten times… By now I cud tell you where the enemy was spawning with my eyes closed.

At last, I was at my wit's end… We decided to go for 2 more tries… Or we won't touch this heist ever… I ran for the first hack… My brothers-in-arms covering me… The first hack completed, we hide and let ourselves get healed. Then the next, the same thing, me on hack duty and them to defend me. The same on the next one… It was going well… But then as I complete my hack… I get a shot in my neck dropping my health to a sliver… Desperately I hide at the same corner and let them handle the enemies… Not now, I won't be able to live with myself if I die right now… I let myself get healed. They signal me to go.

I take a deep breath IRL… And make a run for it… I didn't care about the enemies, I trusted my guys and they trusted me. I get to the last hack and start doing it… This is the farthest we have gotten… It was the most aggravating hack of them all… But this will be it.

I complete the hack and help them kill the remaining enemies. It was over… no one firing at us… After 2 long hours… The worst was before us.

We went to the top floor and used the orbital cannon… Got into the silo and followed Avon on jetpacks… We agreed to kill Avon last. We destroyed every helicopter and all three aimed at him… At my command, we all rained hell and killed him for good… I could cry… It was beautiful…

But it wasn't over, we needed to land those jetpacks on the observatory. Me and Dan landed it and waited for MC to land. As he was bout to Land, He accidentally pressed "F" instead of "G"… Now those who don't know G is to extend/retract the landing gears and F is to enter/exit vehicles.

I saw the jetpack slowly falling down… I knew this wasn't gonna end well, It exploded and failed the mission… Oh, the words couldn't describe how utterly speechless and shocked we were… Thankfully the game decided to start us from the silo… But if not I would have strangled someone.

The next time we followed Avon we straight-up shot him dead… No one cared… All we cared about was to put an end to this misery.

And this time… We did it.

We finished it. At 4:37 a.m., We Finished The Doomsday Heist.

I am now leaving GTA till my mental wounds have been healed.

This is my message to those all who try it… Just Don't.


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