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The past and future of Rockstar Games

Being a long time fan and supporter of Rockstar Games, i am the last person you would expect to say something negative about the company, but i wanted to post this thread to let you know my opinion about the Rockstar Games and where i think the company is headed.

To better understand this, i would like to give you a history lesson about the Houser brothers.

When they were young, Sam and Dan houser were huge fans of Rock and they wanted to be Rockstars (hence the name Rockstar Games), they were also huge fans and consumers of British and American television, they loved classic crime films with dark/noire aspects, western films and more… The Houser brothers were also huge fans of classic old school hip-hop/gangsta rap music and music videos.

When the Housers established Rockstar Games as a subsidiary of Take-2 Interactive back in 1998, their main focus was to create games that merge all their interests as teenagers, from films to music videos, and they wanted to prove the common dogma that "video games are for kids and nerds" wrong, essentially, that wanted to create high quality games that are as good as top Hollywood films that were meant for the adult players, and this is why most of their games are rated M for Mature or 18+, the quality of their games and player enjoyment were their top priority since day 1, money comes next, and this explains why Rockstar is most notorious for delaying games, they want to make sure that the players get a very polished and high quality final product.

Here is how they did this :

Grand Theft Auto III and Liberty City Stories :

These 2 games were clearly inspired by mafia movies such as The Godfather and Goodfellas with obvious references and similar story lines.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City and Vice City Stories :

These 2 games were clearly inspired from television series Miami Vice (hence the name "Vice" City) and from the movie Scarface, with obvious references and similar story lines.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Sunday Driver :

This game was clearly inspired from movies such as Boys N' The Hood, Menace 2 Society, Friday, etc. It was also very inspired from classic hip-hop music such as N.W.A, again, with obvious references.

As for Sunday Driver, it was a lowrider documentary created by Rockstar Games and released as part of the special edition of GTA San Andreas, Rockstar wanted to dive deep into the lowrider culture and its history, something we see frequently in hip-hop music videos.

Grand Theft Auto IV and The Lost and Damned :

GTA IV was inspired from a russian movie called Brat, the story was amazing and original.

The Lost and Damned was inspired from biker films and TV series such as Sons of Anarchy.

Max Payne and Red Dead :

Max Payne 1 and 2 were developed by Remedy and since the games have that dark vibe that the Housers were interested about as kids, the game was acquired and published by Rockstar Games, and they later fully developed Max Payne 3.

Red Dead Revolver was essentially developed by CapCom, and again, since the game is an interactive version of the western films the Housers were interested about as teenagers (such as The Magnificent Seven and The good, the bad and the ugly) the game was acquired by Rockstar Games and they later released Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2.

L.A. Noire :

There is no question that this masterpiece game was inspired from classic films, you can even play it in black and white to feel like you are in an old film.

Manhunt :

Well, it's Manhunt…

Midnight Club :

Midnight Club was probably inspired from movies such as The Fast and Furious and it wanted to give players a feeling of illegal street racing.

Bully and Table Tennis wouldn't exist without Manhunt, here is how :

When Rockstar released Manhunt games, the games were banned in many parts of the world and rated AO (Adults Only) and censored in others, the company even received legal threats and their studios risked being closed, to escape from that they released Bully to prove that even they can create non-violent games (Rockstar's definition of non-violent is school bullying and slingshots).

They also released Table Tennis for 3 reasons, the first reason is to prove that they can create a non-violent sports game, the second reason is to demonstrate the RAGE engine, and third reason is because the Houser brothers love table tennis, to my knowledge, they also many of these in the studio.

Rockstar also has other older games such as The Italian Job, Thrasher Skate and Destroy, Smuggler's Run, and… Oni ? right up to this point you can see how most of their games are inspired from film and hip-hop music videos/street culture. This also explains why the Grand Theft Auto games have an amazing musical selection that fits the vibe of every game.

Now, Grand Theft Auto V:

As you can see above, Rockstar created everything they wanted to create in the older games, they essentially almost ran out of ideas, and since Grand Theft Auto is their most successful game and they need to keep it going, they had to come up with something new.

Most of the development efforts went on creating a huge map, and creating something new for the players which is 3 characters, don't get me wrong, the story line was amazing, but any longtime GTA fan would've noticed that 69 main missions is a little too short compared to previous GTAs, some of these missions are things like : "go get a getaway car" , "go get an outfit" , "go get a mask" , etc. small tasks that didn't need to be an entire mission.

Why i think Rockstar released GTAV on PS3, PS4, and soon PS5?

They never expected GTA Online to get this big and to generate such huge income from Shark Cards, i think releasing GTAV on 3 generations is mostly the idea of Take-2 Interactive to keep GTA Online income flowing.

They did not even bother to create a single player DLC for GTAV like Episodes From Liberty City for GTAIV, i'm not going to say they didn't do that because they didn't have ideas, they had the ideas to release countless DLCs for GTA Online, most of them could've been great in the single player version.

A better solution :

To avoid losing respect of their fans of releasing GTAV again as "expanded and enhanced" with no clearly visible difference, which is obviously just to keep GTA Online alive on PS5, they could've separated the two games, just like Need for Speed: World, it is an online version of the Need for Speed series that is SEPARATE from the other single player Need for Speed games.

Rockstar could've released Grand Theft Auto V as a single player game, and Grand Theft Auto Online as an ENTIRELY SEPARATE game from GTAV, that way they could've ended GTAV on the PS4, and keep releasing GTA Online alone (NOT TIED TO GTAV) on the PS5 and even up until PS7 for the people who are fans of the online version of GTA, but releasing GTAV over and over on 3 generations disguised as a better version just to keep GTA Online alive is a bad idea and it made them lose the longtime respect of their fans who thought their main focus was quality and player satisfaction before money.

What do i expect from Grand Theft Auto VI and the future of Rockstar Games :

The main people behind the success of GTA and other games by Rockstar are out of the company, these are: Dan Houser, Leslie Benzies, and Lazlow. These people have written GTA games from GTAIII to GTAV, unless they have contributed to writing GTA VI before leaving the company, i would expect every aspect of GTA VI to degrade compared to previous GTA games, these include the storyline, the musical selection, the sarcasm and satire, and the overall charm of Grand Theft Auto games that differentiates them from other open world games.

After the success of GTA Online, i would expect Rockstar to divert their focus to online instead of single player (which was their main focus, to create amazing quality single player games)

But as they say, let's hope for the best… Grand Theft Auto VI will come out sooner or later and we will see how it goes, just one word of advice, when it comes to Rockstar take every rumor and leak with a major grain of salt, maybe some will turn out real, most will be false.

Thank you for taking your time to read this thread.


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